I broke down and bought me one of these today.

Half Marathon 13.1 Decal Sticker 13.1 Miles

I figured it was time. I mean, I ran a half marathon over 2 months ago. It was time to break down and buy my first 13.1 sticker.

Speaking of running, I need to. I haven’t ran in SOOO long. Sure I’ve done a couple mile runs on the treadmill since the New Year started. But as for REALLY running outside, I have yet to do that. Hopefully if this beautiful weather continues, I will be doing some running next week! I feel like I need to get back in the swing of things. Especially since this is right around the corner…

Thats right. The Cooper River Bridge Run. It’s the first Saturday in April and I am SO not prepared. I’m like the complete opposite from last year. I swear, that half marathon completely drained my mojo!! I’m having trouble getting back in the saddle. But even if the run part doesn’t go so well, the trip is going to be a blast! We are staying in downtown Charleston again and instead of just 2 nights, we are going down Thursday to add a whole extra day to our festivities! I love Charleston. It is such a cool town.

I do have one minor little hurdle to jump before my trip. I’m facing the anesthesia and the oral surgeon to get rid of my 3 wisdom teeth which provide me NO wisdom. They decided to move at age 26 and I now have to go through with the surgery to have them removed. Which means I will look like this guy for a day or two.

Yeah…good times ahead!

So, to wrap up, my goals are: 1) run a bunch. 2)say my goodbyes to my wisdom teeth.

Thats a pretty tall order but I think I can manage.