I’m alive! I made it through Flu A this week. I wasn’t feeling so great last Wednesday and decided to take the day off thinking I just had some sort of bug. After running a fever for 2 days, I decided to head to the doc only to test positive on the spot for Flu A. I got my perscription for Tamiflu filled at Target and went home. Boy was my doc not kidding when she said I wouldn’t feel better for 5 days. Today is the first day I have been able to sit up straight for more than 30 minutes without feeling dizzy.

So, my soap box today is the flu shot. I was a slacker and didn’t get one this year. I think I’ll plan to get mine next time around. Because being sick with a fever, chills, bodyaches, no voice, and a horrible cough is NOT FUN.

I fought the flu by watching a lot of movies on the couch. I took my Advil every 4 hours to fight the fever and drank as much vitamin C as I could possibly drink. I slept a lot and with the help of my friend Nyquil, I slept like a rock for about 10 hours a night.

While I was fighting the germs via the couch, I missed out on a bunch of fun plans this weekend. Talk about bummed. Birthday celebrations, baseball games, and even some running I was really looking forward to. At least all the beautiful weather is still hanging around another week or so. I’m pretty excited about that! I will be riding home with the sunroof open. Mark my words.

As far as disinfecting goes, I will be attacking my house with the Lysol tonight. My roommate, who I so graciously shared my germs with (What? It’s a small house!) will most likely not appreciate it as she is still getting over her flu (get well soon merty) but now that I’m back to feeling good, I refuse to sit still. I will be opening the windows, lysoling everything, washing sheets, and replacing my toothbrush. Its just the way its going to be.

I’m so glad to be back. And now I can officially say I’ve had the flu. Hope its my first and my last.