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This whole “living by yourself” thing has taken some time to get used to. In the beginning, the quiet was TOO quiet for me and not having someone else in the house to talk to was strange. But now that I’m a month in, I’m happy to report…I LOVE IT. I love that my apartment really is a haven and I look forward to coming home to the quiet most days. The pugs have adjusted well and are actually starting to get along better than I imagined. I’ve caught them napping on the couch together twice and if I’m on the couch with them, this is usually what ends up happening.

bog and penn sleeping together

Because Penny is still very much in puppyhood, she does need a timeout now and then. She runs circles around Bog and sometimes we both need a break from the crazy. So I block her in my room with the babygate. She doesn’t fight it though. She tends to just fall asleep waiting for timeout to be over.

penny in timeout

Speaking of Penny, she also has a new love for the space heater. Because my place isn’t all that big, I’ve been avoiding turning the heat on. So, I run this little heater for a few hours while I’m home and it heats it up pretty quick. Penny has discovered this is where the warm air comes from and this is her new favorite spot.

penny and the heater

Oh, also, for those of you who read this and who I’m also friends with on Facebook, I just wanted to give you a heads up I’m taking a break from it for the month. Or longer, we will see how it goes. No real major reason for this other then it’s my least favorite of the social media outlets and I just need a break from it. It’s actually been really nice. I still check Twitter and Intagram but those outlets don’t rub me the wrong way like Facebook does sometimes. So, cheers to less stress in 2013 ūüôā



One of my favorite things about my Mom is that the most road raged I have ever seen her is when she calls another driver a turkey. That’s as bad as it get with her. So, today I admit I am indeed a turkey.

This turkey has tried writing this post about 4 times now and I keep getting bogged down and quiting. Mostly because I haven’t blogged since April and what an ashamed blogger I am. I could blame my lack of effort on a million things but mostly I just hit a blogging wall. I hit that place where I felt like nothing I did was interesting enough to express it on here. So, I went on with life, not blogging. Missing it but yet ignoring the call to write. I still kept up with everyone else’s blogs while letting this little corner of the interwebs collect dust. But, with some big changes along the horizon, I have decided its time to dust off the ole girl and do some brain dumping. And maybe someone out there might just need this little escape just as much as I do. I have indeed missed it and its time to stop living in denial.

So, in 2-birds-1-stone style, here’s whats been going on with me and some things I’m thankful for in honor of our favorite turkey eating holiday.

  • Change. Everyone hates change but isn’t it funny how much we need it? I’ve really learned this the hard way this past year. Life is nothing but a series of changes and its all about learning to cope with them. But until you are on the other side, you don’t truly appreciate how much you need it.
  • A New Start. I’m thankful for the new start I will be making December 1 when I am for the first time ever in my entire life, moving into an apartment and living completely 100% by myself. In all my 28 years, this is something I have never done and to be quite honest have been afraid of. This new start is scary and it’s something I am working on being brave about. But it’s something I need to do. So, here we go!
  • Friends. I couldn’t have made this big decision without the support of my friends. Especially my roomie of 7 years. She’s been nothing but supportive of this big change I’m making and I have no doubts that we will remain as close as ever. Thanks for your love and support, M. And your help on moving day ūüôā
  • Family who smile and support my crazy antics. When I first told the folks, I was moving yet again, they didn’t even bat an eye. They just asked how they could help. I love them for that. For letting me figure out who I am and what I want to do and what adventure is next without criticizing, trying to change my mind, or judging. They just love me and I love them for the space they have given me to grow up.
  • A great workplace. I work with some great people and for a very good company which I have had the priveledge of working for 5 years now. And I’m thankful that I get to work at a place I respect and enjoy coming to. And I’m thankful the new place is right down the street. Yay for spending less on gas. Amen.
  • My health. For then first time in quite a while, I can say I’m as healthy as I’ve been since high school. I’m at a place where I take care of myself, I try to eat as right as I possibly can with the exception of a latte or a cookie here and there, and I am active and feeling better then I ever have. After a great visit to the doctor earlier this year, I take great pride in knowing I am doing what I can to be the best me possible. And for that I am thankful.
  • The pugs. How can I have a thankful post without mentioning the fur children? Oh how they bring joy to my life. And it’s because of them that I am not as worried to live by myself. Trusty Bogart will keep me sane. He’ll sit in my lap and snuggle at night and be my number one crumb catcher at the new place. And Penny….well, she’ll be a great source of entertainment. And I’m sure there is plenty more patience I need to learn from her. They truly are a huge part of this single girl’s life and I’m so glad they are along for the ride.
  • And of course, my faith in a Father who knows the plans he has for me. I can’t express enough how important this truth has been for me these past few months. So greatful for his love.

And as for some petty, 1st world things I’m thankful for…

  • Starbucks lattes
  • Pinterest
  • Boots and Sweater Weather
  • My new living room practically furnished by Craigslist (post coming soon)
  • Many DIYs I have done this summer and fall I can’t wait to show you guys (posts to come)
  • The Crock Pot. Seriously.
  • Pug snores.
  • Charlie Brown.
  • Turkey on Thursday.

It feels good to be back. Thanks for coming back to read and for sticking out my hyadus. Be back soon!

Well, I finally have a set of wheels that are all mine again. After 2 weeks of being in a rental, I went car shopping Friday and came home with exactly what I wanted and for the price I wanted. After a few days of having dreams nightmares about car shopping, haggling, and not getting what I really wanted, I finally decided to take a half day on Friday and just get it over with. To my surprise, the car I found on Auto Trader was just what I expected and more. And on top of that, I got the car for the price I wanted with little to no haggling involved. It was a great car buying experience.

Here’s what I came home with.¬†A (new to me) 2008 Mercury Mariner. If it looks familiar, that’s because it is the close cousin of the Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape. They have the same basic design, engine, and specs.

She has 32,000 miles and is in really great condition. The inside is tan and I am LOVING sitting up high when I drive. Never thought I would want to sit up so high but it turns out, I do!

Something I am planning on doing totally different this time around is the way I’m going to travel with Bogart in the car. In my Sonata, I could plop him in the front seat and it was fine. Or so I thought. ¬†But after my accident, it really hit home how unsafe it was to drive with him in the front seat like that. Especially after getting in my wreck just after dropping him off 5 minutes before hand. It really made me consider how much worse off the accident could have been had he been in the car. So, I decided that with this car, I’m going all out for the Pugs safety.

I invested in one of these for his safety and comfort.I saw these a few years ago and decided to take the plunge and get one for the Pug.  Puppia makes them and they are mesh so that he will be comfy while also being restrained properly. Look how many fun colors!

I also got one of these little gizmos which attaches the harness to the seat belt and keeps them from moving around too much. It slides through  the locked seat belt for restraint yet also is adjustable for letting them sit or lay how they want comfortably.

Then of course, I got a cover for the back seat to keep the fur to a minimum. This is a hammock so it also will keep him from falling in the floor incase he isn’t retained by the seatbelt gizmo. I think I’ve got all my bases covered!

Am I the crazy dog lady? A little. But at least I know he’ll be safe. Wouldn’t you want to keep this face safe too??

Well, the plan was to drop the Pug off¬†with the surrogate grandparents (Mert’s parents house) for the weekend and then head to the beach. BUT, it didn’t go quite as smoothely as planned.

As I was heading home, I got in a bit of a car accident. I had the green left turn yield light and a long line of cars to turn left was on the other side. I didn’t see anyone coming and started turning left. Little did I know, a little silver pick-up was zooming through behind that long line of cars and decided to plow right into me. Poor Sonata got a bit of damage…

She had to be towed away. It was pretty sad. She’s sitting at the body shop now waiting to be fixed. I’m driving a rental for now so we will see how long it is before she’s ready to drive again.

As for my injuries, I sustained a pretty bad airbag burn on my right arm (no pictures for obvious reasons), my left arm is all bruised and scratched up, and I jammed my right index finger so I get to wear this super sexy splint for a while until the brusing and swelling heals up.

I did head to the ER after Mert picked me up just to have some x-rays done on my hand and make sure all my bones were still intact. That was a fun 4 hour visit. It was determined it was just a jam and I just needed to splint it for a while till the bruising goes away.I take it off to type but other than that, I try to keep it on to avoid smacking my very bruised finger on stuff.

After that ordeal, I decided¬†I wasn’t going to let a little wreck ruin my Memorial Day weekend at the beach. So we headed out Friday morning and got the beach about 1:00. My friend Kelly’s aunt has a beach house which she let us stay at. It’s a GREAT house and is so close to the beach.

We did a lot of beach time, cooking, playing cards, sleeping, reading, and basically just relaxing. We only went out to 3 places the entire weekend: the grocery store, Starbucks, and Baskin Robins for ice cream one night. It was the perfect relaxing weekend. My only regret was not getting to see Melissa while we were both down there. If I had had a car, I totally would have come for a visit!!

Overall, it was a really nice weekend. It was good to take my mind off of insurance, towing, and rentals for a weekend and come back refreshed. I am really thankful that the wreck wasn’t more serious and that my car sustained such little damage. Even though the other driver was ok,¬†the pick-up truck¬†involved was WAY worse off than me. THANK YOU HYUNDAI!!

I’m trying not to stress and I know everything happens for a reason. This is just another one of those life lessons. Even though the wreck happened and I was found at fault, no ticket was issued because my line of site was obstructed. My insurance is doing a great job of handling my claim and helping me in any way they can. So, I’m really just going to keep positive and just move on from this. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. I appreciate all of them!

**UPDATE: My poor Sonata was determined to be a total loss. Pretty sad news but I’m hoping to find sonething else I like just as much.**

I’m so ashamed at my lack of posts the past few weeks. I’m even more ashamed I don’t have much to really post about. But, here’s a few¬† updates on what I’ve been up to as of late…

Tomatoes: I have¬†them growing¬†on my plants!! I have 3 to be exact and they are growing bigger every day. I’m hoping this hot week doesn’t completely destroy them. Fingers crossed, everyone!

Boot(y) Camp: Today will be my 4th week and I’m liking it more and more each time. It is REALLY tough, I usually feel like I’m going to be sick when I’m done, and I’m sore the rest of the evening. BUT I’m starting to see a difference in my muscle tone and I also just feel better in general. So far, huge success!

Kindle: Loving it! I’m halfway through my first book and I am amazed how much my Kindle can do! I’m still waiting on my case though (boo etsy seller). I’m hoping it comes soon, I’m super worried about damaging it. I can’t wait to take it to beach this weekend. Would it be really weird if I wrapped it in suran wrap to protect it from the sand and salt?

BEACH: Speaking of which, I’m beach bound in t-minus 4 days!! I can’t wait. I need a break in a major way. I need to sit on the sand and stare at blue water and know that I have no emails to respond to, no phone calls to answer, and no emergencies to tend to. I just need to not be needed for 3 days. Oh sweet bliss, I can’t wait!

Side Jobs: I’ve been keeping pretty busy with all my “side work” too. It makes me laugh to call it that but I guess that’s what it is! I really like having something other than¬†my day job to focus on. Helps keep my mind from going stir crazy. I’m super busy but I love it!

Love Life: Well….HA! Gotcha! Like I’m going to post that here (or lack there of).¬† Just thought I’d keep you on your toes this Monday morning! ūüôā

That crazy storm…caused our power to go out. Since our house is older, no power equals no water. Awesome. So no shower for me today. Just call me Pig-Pen. I probably have that cloud of dirt following me and I don’t even know it.

No shower equals no waking up…I’m so tired today! My shower is how I wake up every morning. So not having one is really throwing me off. Even my coffee isn’t helping. This is no bueno.

Babysitting more this week…3 nights of it to be exact. It makes for long days. But my little buddy needs me. And so does his mom. So, I’ll sacrifice a few nights.

My DIY bench is calling my name…this is the weekend. I’m tackling it head on. I have a few things to get in order to accomplish it but I think I can manage to accumulate it all by Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

Glad there wasn’t a tree on my car…a few of my neighbors were not that lucky. The mad winds caused some damage all over the Queen City last night.

My allergies are in full swing…hoping my Zyrtec helps today! I don’t usually have allergies for very long but when I have them, I have them bad!¬† Hoping to get some relief today.

Did I mention I want to go back to bed? Because that would be awesome.

Happy Tuesday…

I had a splendid dinner with Jenn & Jess last night. We ate and gabbed about absolutely everything. We ate at a new place in Southpark called Cowfish. Oh. My. Gosh. This place was awesome! They have sushi and burgers. Sounds strange but odly enough, it is seriously the best combination! Definitely going back.


I officially ordered a day planner. I know I should really get with the times and keep up with it on my phone but I just can’t. I’m one of those people who likes to use a pencil on a claendar and have pages to flip though. It’s just how I organize! I haven’t had one of these since college when I had papers and tests to keep up with. Now, my only excuse is that I’m just too busy and too forgetful to remember what’s on my desk calendar at work. But being busy is a good thing, right? And how sad is it that I won’t even get to fill out Jan & Feb? Bummer. Or March, for that matter! Geez!

Speaking of a lot going on, I haven’t really ever mentioned all my endevours on here before but incase some are wonderingl, I do some freelance marketing work and some babysitting on the side along with my 8-5 gig. Along with all of that madness, I have decided to help out a friend and do another small side job. This new job’s requirements are a lot of the same things I do at my 8-5 but in a totally different setting and for a much smaller opperation. I figure why not? I have the time and the knowledge and I’m always down to help out. It’s very flexible so I can work it around my schedule (thus the need for the planner) and it’s less than 15 minutes from my house, which in Charlotte means convenient. We will see how it goes!

More sprouts poked through overnight! I should have veggies in no time. I can’t wait to¬† put them in the big pots! Is it weird I that I am that excited about this?

I have a DIY that I’ve been DYING to get done but there is a threat of rain this weekend. So I’m not sure it’s going to happen. I’m hoping I will have it done within the next few weeks though. It is going to require that I invest in one of these bad boys. Can’t wait!

Exciting stuff! Have a great weekend bloggy peeps ūüôā

You ever have one of those weekends where its just a series of wins and losses? I guess life is a huge series of them if you think about it. But my weekend just seemd to go from wins to losses rather quickly all weekend long.

Friday started off pretty good. Bog had to go get a shot at the vet so I drove him accorss town to my vet. Since moving, I haven’t found a new one yet so it was quite a drive. We were there for all of 10 minutes and then we jumped in the car to make the treck back accross town. After dropping him off at home, I headed to work. Decided to stop for some coffee and also to grab some donuts for the office. Everyone was in a good mood and it looked like it was going to be a great day. Until our meeting.

After the meeting, it went kind of downhill. It was one of those meetings where we had a meeting of the minds about some policies.¬† Without going into lots of detail, my tiny mistake lead to a giant mountain of issues.¬†What bothered me most was¬†I had a¬†gut¬†feeling about it all along and I didn’t listen to it. I wavered on something¬†I shouldn’t have wavered on. And from that moment on, Friday was a bust.¬† First loss of the weekend. No major consequences, just a slap on the wrist and my wounded pride. But still not a good way to end the work week. Sigh.

It got better when I went to a friend’s for dinner and we had lots of laughs and good food. A little Key¬†Lime Pie never hurts as well. It helped me forget all about it. First win of the weekend.

Saturday Bogart had another appointment. He was going to Dogtopia! Roomie Mert had won a raffle at a fundraiser for a $50 gift certificate¬† for any spa services and since Bog is basically her dog too, she was sweet enough to let him use it. Well it just so happened he desperatly needed a bath and nail trim soI booked an appointment for 10am¬†Saturday. Not before a little hide and seek while I changed my sheets though…

Excuse me, have you seen my Pug? He’s gone missing…

While I waited on the pooch to get pampered, I decided to pick up some Starbucks and go do a little browsing in Michaels and Ace Hardware. I love “toodling around”, as I like to call it, on Saturday mornings. It’s so relaxing to me. I scooped up a few things from the dollar section at Michaels (more on that tomorrow) , a new¬† paint color for my frame project, and also some things for my attempt at a green thumb this spring such as gloves and some seeds at Ace.¬†So this was a big win! I can’t wait to get planting!!

After about an hour, I went to pick up the pug only to discover they had trimmed one of his nails too short and hit the quick causing him to bleed. Great. Not only was he bleeding, he was completely stressed out. Panting, eyes darting…I mean you would have thought I¬†had dropped¬†him off at the pound by the way he was acting when I picked him up. Other than the complimentary De-Shed treatment she did, the bath and the nail trim seemed to do more harm than good. Loss in my book.

So, we went home with our tails between our legs and decided to use the rest of our gift certificate on another day. In the far far away future. Once we got home, keeping him still long enough to stop the bleeding was not a simple task. Poor guy. It finally stopped bleeding and he was able to take a nap and get over his traumatic morning.

Saturday afternoon, the plan was to go¬†see a UNCC Baseball game. Well once the clouds rolled in, we decided to take a pass on it and avoid sitting in the damp seats. So,¬†loss on the afternoon plans. Another part of my Saturday plan was to go check out a restaurant called Kennedy’s Pub which I had a gift certificate to as well. We had a pretty big party of 9 going and we were going to eat some dinner and watch the Duke vs. Carolina game. Well, that didn’t happen due to Kennedy’s celebrating their 6 month anniversary and taking reservations only. So we went to Jackelope Jacks and ended up sitting on¬†the porch with no tv near by. It was kinda crowded and our waitress wasn’t really on point so it was somewhat of a¬†loss as well. Then when you count the Duke loss to Carolina, the night really became a fail. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Sunday was going to be my DIY day. I had lots of painting to do which required being outside. With the rainy forecast, I took a pass on the paiting and ended up just watching movies, doing laundry, and some cleaning. A loss on the DIY front but a win on the clean house front!

My new bookshelves got delivered today and I’m still waiting on my clock to show up. So, hopefully tonight, I will be able to at least put the shelves together and then get going on some other things! Maybe even some painting if the weather holds out long enough for it to dry. I’m itching to try out my new paint color on my frames! Fingers crossed for a win today.

How was your weekend? Major win or major loss?

I broke down and bought me one of these today.

Half Marathon 13.1 Decal Sticker 13.1 Miles

I figured it was time. I mean, I ran a half marathon over 2 months ago. It was time to break down and buy my first 13.1 sticker.

Speaking of running, I need to. I haven’t ran in SOOO long. Sure I’ve done a couple mile runs on the treadmill since the New Year started. But as for REALLY running outside, I have yet to do that. Hopefully if this beautiful weather continues, I will be doing some running next week! I feel like I need to get back in the swing of things. Especially since this is right around the corner…

Thats right. The Cooper River Bridge Run. It’s the first Saturday in April and I am SO not prepared. I’m like the complete opposite from last year. I swear, that half marathon completely drained my mojo!! I’m having trouble getting back in the saddle. But even if the run part doesn’t go so well, the trip is going to be a blast! We are staying in downtown Charleston again and instead of just 2 nights, we are going down Thursday to add a whole extra day to our festivities! I love Charleston. It is such a cool town.

I do have one minor little hurdle to jump before my trip. I’m facing the anesthesia and the oral surgeon to get rid of my 3 wisdom teeth which provide me NO wisdom. They decided to move at age 26 and I now have to go through with the surgery to have them removed. Which means I will look like this guy for a day or two.

Yeah…good times ahead!

So, to wrap up, my goals are: 1) run a bunch. 2)say my goodbyes to my wisdom teeth.

Thats a pretty tall order but I think I can manage.

1. Go see ‚ÄúWhite Christmas‚ÄĚ at Ovens Auditorium
2. Attend Office Christmas Party
3. Run on Saturday (more on this below)
4. Finish decorating the house
5. Throw our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
6. Christmas Movie Day with roomies
7. Go see the very last performance of the Durham Christmas Pageant
8. Finish Start Christmas Shopping
9. Wrap gifts
10. Finish DIY Christmas gift project and BLOG IT
11. Bake all my annual Christmas goodies
12. Drive to Durham and spend 5 days with friends and family (including meeting Ryder Brown!)
13. Deliver goodies to friends while I’m in town
14. Work & possibly MOVE the week between Christmas & New Years
15. Ring in the New Year

Additions to the list:
16. Finish selling furniture items on CL I sold 5 pieces of furniture in 4 days!
17. Purge things for Goodwill
18. PACK
19. Get keys Dec. 29th
20. Move furniture Dec. 31 Actually was able to accomplish this on Dec. 30!

The big move of 2010 is finally done! After TONS of trips back and forth, we finished moving, cleaning, and settling in to the new place. We absolutly LOVE it! It’s a great place and we are so excited about living on that side of town. Pictures will be to come for sure.

I’m just so glad it went smoothly. One thing we did NOT expect was to be able to borrow a friend’s truck for the entire day Thursday. So insteadof using a Uhaul Friday, we were able to get it all done in multiple trips on Thursday. Not the easiest route but it was definitley a blessing to be able to use their truck and it saved us some money and time on the Uhaul Friday.

We are pretty much unpacked. There are still pictures to hang and some final touches to be made but we are getting there! Stay tuned for some pictures next week (most likely).

Oh, and the Pug is adjusting well! He was in somewhat of a panic when we were moving things over on Thursday. Especially when it was just him left in my room at one point when we were taking the last of the furniture.  But when I came back for him and he saw that all our stuff was at a new location, he came back to his normal self.

One thing that he doesn’t like though is the sound of the security¬†system beeping. He’s never lived anywhere with one so he gets whiny and a little freaked out when it beeps so loudly. I’m sure he’ll get use to it though. It’s tough being so small sometimes!

Back in the day…

The Life List

* Ride in a hot air balloon *Have a meal with someone famous *Walk across the bridge at Grandfather Mountain *Visit Paris and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower *Adopt a rescue dog *Send my parents on a trip funded by only me *Walk/Run in the Cooper River Bridge Run (April 2007) *RUN the entire Cooper River 10K (3/27/2010) *Run a half marathon (aiming for 12/11/2010) *Watch an entire scary movie without hiding my eyes or screaming * Become a Blood Donor (2/5/2010) *Go horseback riding on an actual trail out west *See the Grand Canyon *Take a cross country road trip *Sing kareoke *Backpack around Europe *Visit New York during Christmas to see Rockefeller Center (12/6/2008) *Go on a cruise with my BOMBAYS *Pull the handle on a slot machine in Vegas *Swim with dolphins *Buy an outrageously expensive handbag just b/c I fell in love with it *Attend an awards show of some sort *Win a prize on the radio (Dec. 2007) *Go to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN *Fall in love and stay in love *Become a mom *Become the coolest aunt ever *Dance with my Dad *Learn to Hula Dance *Learn Italian and use it in Italy *Read the Bible cover to cover *Witness a miracle (All of 2009-the year of watching miracles happen) *Move to the beach for retirement *Volunteer regularly for a year *Buy a house and pay it off *Leave a $100 tip for a $10 meal *Go sailing on a sailboat *Learn to surf *Be completely swept off my feet *Go white water rafting with my family (6/3/2010) *Go parasailing *Tour the White House *Return to Haiti (4/3/2010)