So upon returning to my blog this morning, I am realizing how obsessed with my dog that last post sounds. Wow. I swear I’m not that crazy-let-me-clothe-my-dog-and-cook-him-dinner type of dog owner. This is something some of you may not understand but when you’re single, having a dog can mean the world to you. So, if I sound like I love him A LOT, well it’s because I do. That’s all that I was trying to convey on Friday. Sorry if it creaped some of you out. Please keep reading my little blog.

I am particularly stoked about this week because there are some major things going on. First and foremost, I am only working 2 days this week. YAY! There’s nothing like have your first and last work days of the week being back to back. Makes me want to do a happy dance. In fact I am. At my desk right now. Yippee! 

It’s also an exciting week because I’m going to see New Moon Tuesday night! I decided not to try and venture out to see it this weekend and opted to see The Blind Side instead which by the way, I TOTALLY recommend! It was AWESOME!  But I am hearing good things about New Moon and am so excited! I may have to re-read my books once I see the movie!

Then there is the obvious exciting reason: THANKSGIVING! Time off with the family, parades, Christmas movies, eating, Christmas decorating, eating some more, and some time with friends in between! YAY!

Then there is the small matter of my BLOGAVERSARY! Wednesday will be my 1 year blogaversery. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this little creative outlet. I may not have tons of readers but I know having this has been a wonderful outlet for me. And I look forward to another year. I’ll be posting more about this year on Wednesday!

Till then, Happy Thanksgiving Week!