One of the long-standing traditions at our house is to watch Christmas movies the day after Thanksgiving while we put the tree and decorations up.  Here are the ones we watch and why…

A Christmas Story. This is my Dad’s favorite Christmas movie of all time. He laughs hysterically.  We love it too. it’s a classic!

Christmas Vacation. The scene with the squirel makes my mom laugh so hard she cries. Not to mention Aunt Bethany is the funniest character in the entire movie. Another classic.

White Christmas. Another one of my Dad’s favorites. Not to mention Bing Crosby and those blue eyes are DREAMY. And you guessed it, another classic!


The Grinch. By far one of the best remakes of a classic ever. Jim Carrey is awesome as the Grinch.

Miracle on 34th Street. This one is GREAT for Thanksgiving Day because it begins with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. And it’s such a sweet story.

Home Alone. Great movie full of funny lines. I can still repeat pretty much every word. One of the favorites from my childhood.

The Santa Clause. One of Tim Allen’s best rolls in my opinion!

The Family Stone. This quickly became one of my favorite movies after seeing it a few years ago. I love all the actors and think it has a great message. Plus the craziness of the family reminds me a little of my own.

The Holiday. I absolutly love this movie! I guess it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic but I love every single thing about this movie! Even Jack Black! The best part has to be the dreamy Jude Law playing a dad. And how cute are those little British girls?? I just want to put them in my pocket!

Elf. One of the funniest movies. Will Ferrell is a comic genius.

The Polar Express. This one is quickly becoming a classic. The graphics are great and also has a great message.

Of course I love the other classics like Santa Claus The Movie, Prancer, and any ABC Family Christmas movie (25 days of Christmas, how awesome!). But these are the ones I own and I always take home to watch with the family.

Are there any I forgot you consider must watches?