One of my favorite mommy bloggers Kelly over at Kelly’s Korner is doing her weekly “SHOW US YOUR LIFE” post and this week it’s on pets! Well, you know I couldn’t let that one pass up! Usually they are more geared towards married women, or moms, or people who own houses all of which I am not or do not fall under. So this is my chance to participate! Because a pet, I 100% have!

I’ve talked before on my blog about my little man, but today I feel the need to elaborate. So if you get easily annoyed by people who gush and go on and on about their dogs, you may want to go ahead and just stop here and check back on Monday for a new post. Because here we go!

Let me start by saying I have always wanted a pug.* Always. I fell in love with the breed when I was a kid and just thought their little smooshed faces and big personalities were adorable.

Here he is at 4 weeks old. Also known as “the day I fell in love”.


Oh. My. Gosh. How could you not want to put him in your purse and run? I found him on a breeder’s website. The breeder was located only an hour away and I just knew I had to go see for myself this little guy. She pulled him out of the crate with his mama and I knew he was the one.

I came back and picked him up in May of 2006. The day before I graduated from college. I had decided to name him Bogart pretty early on. People ask me all the time why I named him that and all I can say is that I read the name in a book and thought it had a lot of personality and would be a good name for a Pug. And I was right. It fits him perfectly. I can’t take all the credit though. My good friend Meredith persuaded me to go with it! Thanks Mert 🙂

Here he is the day he came home at 7 weeks and 6 days. The breeder was nice enough to let me get him a day early since I was going to be tied up on his 8 week birthday with graduating college and all. He was easy to house train and was crate trained for the the first year. Like most pugs, very motivated by food rewards.

He was such a ham for the camera. He loved to play and quickly became my shadow, following me around everywhere. He loved to sleep too. This was good because he was left alone for many days that summer while I was busy working. But he adjusted so well and now as an adult he looks forward to his 9 hour nap each day. There are days where he looks at me like “would you leave already??”.

Here he is around 1 year…

Bogart’s biggest achievement is his major weight loss this past year. He was a wopping 31 lbs. in the summer of 2008. The vet basically told me if he continued to be this big, he wasn’t going to live to be 10 years old. Well that motivated me like you wouldn’t believe. We switched his food and his treat habbits and I am happy to report he is down to 22 lbs. which is PERFECT body weight for his bone structure. Everyone is so amazed when they hear that because it is VERY difficult to get dogs to lose weight. But I stuck with the tough love approach and fed him what the vet suggested and had to learn that he wasn’t going to starve. A hungry dog is a healthy dog. So they should be hungry all the time. And this is VERY true for Mr. Bogart!

He has TONS of personality. He turns his head and knows WAY TOO MANY words for his own good. He can even spell!!! I kid you not!! I tried getting away with spelling the word RIDE the other day and before I knew it, he was at the door waiting to go. He absolutly loves the car. And it’s a good thing because he goes on trips home with me all the time. He also knows the words TREAT, COOKIE, ICE, HUNGRY, FOOD, RIDE, CAR, GRANDMA, GRANDPA, oh and my personal favorite PETSMART. He responds to all of them with bulging eyes, turning his head, and an excited wimper-whine. He has a stubburn streak as most Pugs do. He tends to be ornory and will “HUMPFF” as I call it when he is disturbed from his warm spot on the couch or bed. He answers to many names. Most of the time it’s Bog pronouced B-oh-g. But he also answers to Bogart (of course), Bo, Bogie, Bubu, or Bug (as in snuggle, I know…very corny).

He will be 4 years old in March and it’s hard to believe I’ve had him that long. He’s got a little premature grey go-tee as I like to call it which make him look very distingished. He’s so mellow now but still gets bursts of energy. But they don’t last long before it’s time for another nap. He can do tricks like sit, shake, lay, roll over, crawl, and high five. He never quite grasped the speak command. The crate training has gone out the window and he is a full on sleep-in-the-bed pug. He is on “Healthy Weight” dog food which keeps him slim and he is still eating the vet recomended 1 cup a day (1/2 in the AM and 1/2 in the PM) with a few treats in between. 🙂 

He is my little boy. He will always be my first dog and it makes me tear up to even think about the day he is no longer with me. I’m seriously going to need like 5 days of bereavment to get over it. He keeps this single girl moving. He’s a great companion and I love him dearly.

*Disclaimer: For the record, I am also totally 100% for adopting dogs. I plan on adopting a dog as soon as I have more room (i.e. a yard). But for the situation I was in at the time, living in an apartment, I needed a dog that A) would be on the smaller side and B) did little to no barking. So, I decided to go with the Pug as my first dog. But I am a dog lover of all kinds including mix breeds, muts, and rescues!