I mentioned last week that I did a little DIY this weekend once the boxes were unpacked and sick of organizing. My roomie, Meredith (I got permission to use her name – shout out!) “inhereted” this lovely lamp from her parents.

While funtional with a great shape, not exactly the prettiest shade of…um…brass. So, my brain started working and I had a light bulb. Pun intended. So I taped it off, covered the patio table for a little face lift!

I stopped by Lowes and picked up a metallic silver spray paint to go for that brushed silver look. This can was around $5.

And I sprayed till all that brass was gone!

Since the sade it came with was a dingy white, I opted for a new $12 shade via IKEA. This one caught my eye with the flower designs. It’s a little tough to see in pictures but when lit up, it comes off as a light grey with white flower cut outs. Very cute!

And voila! The final product!

Not the best picture but you get the idea. This may not be it’s final home but it works for now. I’m really digging the outcome and the price tag of less than $20!