Looks like Mr. Earl isn’t putting a damper on our mini family vacation this weekend! The rents are packed up and ready to go to the beach this weekend. I jost got word that they have been watching the news all morning and that everything is all clear and they have opened up Emerald Isle for tourists and beach goers. So looks like I’m heading down after work today to do the beach thing one-more-gin. 

Anyone feel like driving me the 5 hours down there this afternoon?

No? Bueller?

It will be good though. I’m looking forward to hanging out with my family for a few days of uninteruppted fam time. I miss them bunches.

So, I’ll be back Tuesday with a belated running update. It’s going to be good news!

Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone! Hope you enjoy it no matter what your plans (or lack of plans) are!