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This whole “living by yourself” thing has taken some time to get used to. In the beginning, the quiet was TOO quiet for me and not having someone else in the house to talk to was strange. But now that I’m a month in, I’m happy to report…I LOVE IT. I love that my apartment really is a haven and I look forward to coming home to the quiet most days. The pugs have adjusted well and are actually starting to get along better than I imagined. I’ve caught them napping on the couch together twice and if I’m on the couch with them, this is usually what ends up happening.

bog and penn sleeping together

Because Penny is still very much in puppyhood, she does need a timeout now and then. She runs circles around Bog and sometimes we both need a break from the crazy. So I block her in my room with the babygate. She doesn’t fight it though. She tends to just fall asleep waiting for timeout to be over.

penny in timeout

Speaking of Penny, she also has a new love for the space heater. Because my place isn’t all that big, I’ve been avoiding turning the heat on. So, I run this little heater for a few hours while I’m home and it heats it up pretty quick. Penny has discovered this is where the warm air comes from and this is her new favorite spot.

penny and the heater

Oh, also, for those of you who read this and who I’m also friends with on Facebook, I just wanted to give you a heads up I’m taking a break from it for the month. Or longer, we will see how it goes. No real major reason for this other then it’s my least favorite of the social media outlets and I just need a break from it. It’s actually been really nice. I still check Twitter and Intagram but those outlets don’t rub me the wrong way like Facebook does sometimes. So, cheers to less stress in 2013 ūüôā



Gosh, I’m almost embaressed to even come back to blogging. I can’t believe how long its been. I feel like I should catch you up on everything going on! Along with everything I mention below, I have had another encounter witht he flu this year. Yep, that makes 2 years in a row for me. Gotta love it! But I’m all better and glad to be back.

Basically everything¬†I wrote in my last post has either happened or I am reporting on similar news…

I still love Instagram and I am so glad I have friends who love it too! I am that shameless person who posts lots of pics of ther dogs. What can I say, I’m a crazy pug lady and I own it. If you don’t like it, sorry! Find me on there ifyou have it too: melanieloren is my username.

¬†Lets catch up using Instagram…

Here’s a pic of the green river on St. Patricks Day at the National White Water Center. On St. Patricks Day, they turn the river green and provide food and live music and games…it was very laid back and lots of fun! And a beauitful day for it.

Here’s my big 6 year old boy! He has no shame. I love this pic of him, it sums him up perfectly. Sleepy, lazy, and always down for a tummy rub. Gotta love him.

Here’s that Cooper River Bridge I run accorss every year. This year was just like the others! The weather seemed to be exceptional though, we had cool breezes and sun all weekend. The bridge never gets shorter though. I did shave a few minutes off my time so I was happy about that! Till next year bridge…

My mom is in Haiti this week on a mission trip with my church from back home. I’ve been pretty jealous of her since she got to go. But I’m so happy she is having such a great time! SHe’ll be back on Saturday and I can’t wait to hear about her trip.

Here’s my absolutly glowing friend Brooke. She is a little over 8 months preggo¬†and she will be having baby Bennett by the beginning of May (hopefully!!). I was able to drop by her house and do some catching up over coffee this past weekend and¬†also¬†gave her some goodies I had made for her. These little onsies and blanket were made by a good friend of mine (from childhood!) names Stacey (Wentz) Lewis. She has the most adorable Etsy store called StaceyLew. I highly reccommend her for all your custom baby gift/shower needs!!

And last but not least, this little girl turns 1 today…

She loves pulling this ripped toy over her head and walking around with it on. I like to call it her dress because she insists on wearing it around the house almost every night. She is so funny. I can’t believe she’s a year old. She may be frustrating sometimes and we are still working on her stubborn streak but she is definitely all mine. Happy Birthday Penn!

Whew, sorry for the lengthy post. Hope the pics helped!


1. It’s really sad that I had to go back and read my last post just so I knew what I wrote about last. It’s been that long. SMH (mom, that means shake my head)

2. My room is *prettymuch* finished. By *prettymuch*, I mean I am sick of working on it and it meets the “good enough for me” standard. So, I am throwing in the towel for a while. I’ll post pictures soon. Well, I better not say soon. We know how “soon” works for me on this blog…but, pictures will be coming in the future.

3. I’m currently on a yoga kick. I was able to score a sweet Groupon a few weeks back where I get to try 10 yoga classes, 10 jazzercise classes, and 10 pilates classes for $20! Talk about a serious deal! A savings of over $300. I went to my first yoga class ¬†last Tuesday and I loved it! I was sore from doing bootcamp the day before but I was amazed how stretched and better I felt after an hour of power yoga. Not to mention just the time to clear my head and do some much needed stress relief. It was great and I can’t wait to go back next week.

4. Happy Valentines Day for those of you who celebrate! I celebrate Singles Awareness Day myself, but that’s just because…well, obvious reasons. But doesn’t mean I’m bitter or don’t respect those who have¬† a cheese to their mac. So, Happy Valentines Day to you love birds. I won’t be celebrating with dinner or a movie but I am thinking a night at yoga is the perfect place to ignore the crowds.

5. I am going to be having fun this weekend with Melissa coming to town! Woohoo! We always seem to have so much fun when she comes to town. On the agenda for this weekend so far is a UNC Charlotte baseball game and a trip to get my new iPhone. Yay! The rest remains a mystery. I’m sure we will find plenty of trouble to get in to.

6. Penny update: I would now classify her as on the verge of slowing down. She is becoming more of a lap dog and will sit still¬†for a picture now as evidenced by the below shot. She loves to be pet and scratched and is growing out of the “tazmanian devil” phase. She also is getting along better with Bogart every day. Happy 10 Month BirthdayPenny! I look forward to seeing how you grow up and hopefully slow down in the coming months¬†ūüôā

1. Happy MLK Day! Hope some of you were able to enjoy a day off. I was not that lucky. So, take a nap and watch the DVR some for me, please.

2. The house is coming together. Finally. I feel like M and I have been spinning our wheels getting it painted, things hung up, and things where we want them. It truely is exhausting. Not to mention you throw in a 40 hour work week, about 4 hours of part time work a week, at least 3 hours of boot camp a week, and then sleeping…yeah…time is in high demand these days. Which means we have been running like crazy on the weekends. BUT, I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. Pictures to come at a later date. Promise!

3. Speaking of paint, I’ve had 3 different swatches on my bedroom wall for about 3 weeks now. After much debate, I decided¬†I was looking in the completely wrong color scale and decided to go way more….purple. Here is the color chip from the Home Depot website. It’s called Vintage Mauve. It’s rich and pretty…looks great with my new white furniture. I currently have 2 walls done. Planning to finish up the other two 2 on Tuesday. The parents are coming to visit Saturday. I’m hoping my Dad will hang my new mirror and my curtain rod for me. PLEASE, Dad???

3. I’ve added quite¬†a few pairs of shoes to my collection here recently. I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I LOVE shoes but¬† I hate shelling out the dough for them. But when it’s time, it’s time. I really needed a new pair of¬†non-working out¬†tennis shoes. The pair I’ve been wearing were bought on clearance when I as in college. So, yeah. It was time. So, I¬†got these from¬† for only $50 with free shipping! I highly reccommend Zappos, by the way. Great website & company!

I also got these little beauties from Off Broadway for a super good deal. I figured it was time to add some cowgirl boots to the collection. They are not REAL boots but more like fashion boots. I figure if I wear these out, I’ll splurge on the real thing at some point.

Then while browsing through Old Navy Friday after work, I saw these cuties and got them because they were marked down from $37 to $9. And they are fuzzy and warm on the inside. Love them A LOT.

5. The pugs are starting to do this funny bonding thing. You may remember when I first got Penny last summer, Bogart wasn’t too excited about having an annoying little sister. But slowly but surely, she has started to grow on him. She wants to be next him ALL. THE. TIME. It’s so cute. But he isn’t too interested in being near her. At all, really.¬†UNLESS…they are chewing on a bone/toy. Then for some reason, it’s like he doesn’t mind her being next to him all of a sudden. These moments are few and far between but I have actually been able to catch it on film 3 times.

Exibit A:

Exibit B:

Exibit C:

I apologize for the awful quality of the photos but these moments are fleeting and the phone camera is usually all thats available. Love these 2. These little moments give me hope that they will be best of buds some day. One can dream, right?

6. Not to¬†skip around a lot¬†but I forgot to mention this earleir. I’m putting together a white frame collage on one of my walls with some photos and prints. I came accross this print the other day and I LOVE¬†IT. It reminds me of my childhood. I’m sure my Mom will know exactly where it’s from but if you can name it, you get 5 cool points!

Today I’m linking up with Walk With Me By Faith¬†and her
Christmas Card Carousel.

After an afternoon of chasing the dogs around, taking probably 100 shots with only about 7 worth looking at, I finally began the search for a Christmas card on Shutterfly. After much debate I went with the following card.
I decided simple and traditional was best.


BUT…if I had it to do over again, I would have sent this one out…

I’ll give you ONE guess as to who’s the naughty one…

Merry Christmas from The Pugs & I ūüôā

Just wanted to drop by to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you are heading out of town to see family, or sticking close by. Whether you are goign to be celebrating with a bird or with a bird substitute. Whether you are watching the parade or watching the back of your eye lids. Whether you are spending it in America or in foreign lands. 
I wish everyone a happy and thankful holiday.

As for me, I’m headed to see the rents today. I’ll be going to see The Rockettes tonight, turkey tomorrow, Muppet Movie at some point, a haircut, some coffee date(s) and lots of R&R. Well as much as you can when taking 2 dogs with you to a house where there are already 2 dogs. Should be good times! Dog Palooza will ensue in t-minus 6 hours.

As for traveling, Miss Penn has graduated from riding in her carrier to being strapped in to a big girl harness…check her out!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Hello again! Making my return to the the ole blog today. What a whirlwind month. I feel like I blinked and it was over. Halloween has come and gone and of course i dressed up the pugs. What’s the fun of having dogs if you can’t humilate them once a year with halloween costumes?

Here is Penny as a Bat and Bogart as a Hot Dog. I wish I had gotten a better, non vampire eyes picture but this is as good as it was going to get this year. You have no idea how many treats it took to make this picture happen.

Here’s a close up of Miss Penny in her bat wings I made ala Martha Stewart!

Some black felt, black thread, some black elastic, and 6 hours later and I had a Bat Pug! She was cute for the .5 seconds she didn’t spin in circles trying to get it off. Maybe she will tollerate it longer next year.

Other than Halloween, some other exciting stuff has happened the past few weeks. For one, The Mammary Clan finished their 39.3 mile walk for Breast Cancer! Here they are at mile 15 where we mewt them at the cheering station…

You like my Dollar Tree poster? I made it at the last second. Oh, and pay no attention to my halo…it tends to pop up in pictures from time to time. So embarassing.

Here they are at the very end on Sunday crossing the finish line! Yay!

Sore and tired but they crossed together! So happy for them!

Last weekend I got to go to a Panther’s game. It was super fun! Here’s the lone pic I took.

I’ll be heading to the Panthers vs. Titans game in a few weeks with Melissa and I can’t wait!! It’s going ot be TONS-O-FUN!

Hmm…what else can I update you on? Oh, Penny’s surgery went well. Here’s her pic post surgery while she was all doped up…

The next day, it was like nothing even happened. She was back to her old self again. Trying to keep a puppy from being “active” for 7 days is impossible. She was leaping off the couch and running around like crazy the very next day. I gave up.

Oh, also, we found out that we have to move…again. I know. You guys are probably sick of hearing me tell you about how I move practically every year. Well, this time it is not our fault! The owner of our lovely little townhouse is wanting to move back into his house in January. Therefore, we have 2 months to figure something out. We are looking into options right now and should have a plan here soon. Yay us. So, keep us in your prayers that something pans out!

So glad to be back blogging again! Missed you guys!

Look! I’m blogging!! I know, please try to pick your jaws up off the floor. I apologize for the very long hiadus. It’s been a crazy month. Lots of traveling and working. Which is really no excuse for neglecting this little blog but it’s the truth. Scout’s honor. But I had an extra hour today so I figured, what the heck, why don’t I update you guys on what’s been going on.

Well, first off, thank you so much to those of you who dontated to Meredith’s Avon Walk. With your help and a few fundraisers, she has raised her $1800 goal and is headed for that 39 mile walk in 2 weeks! So, thanks so much for your support!!

In other news, Jason & Charity who are currently living in Slovakia doing mission work, just welcomed a bouncing baby girl into the world on Oct. 24th! Elise Noelle Palmer made her debut and we are all so excited that she is here! I was able to send over a few goodies with the aunt and uncle (thanks Marianne & Nathan!) when they went to visit recently. I can’t wait to watch her grow in pictures and through their blog. Hope you don’t mind but I swiped this adorable pick from your blog, Palmer Ponderings. She is such a cutie! What a sweet family! Congrats, Palmers!!

In other news, my dear friend Erin’s little boy Ryder is now the proud owner of a patched heart! He had his heart surgery on Oct. 3 to fix a hole he had in his heart which he was born with. I was able to be at the hospital with the family and some other firends to support Erin and Tate as they waited for their little one to come out of surgery. In about 3 hours, he was in and out of surgery with a fully functioning heart. We are so thankful and excited that Ryder is well on his way to being a totally normal little boy. Here’s some pictures Erin had made of this handsome little guy. Is he not a stud??

In other news, while I was home for little man’s surgery, I was able to squeeze in some coffee with the lovely Brooke. While we were sipping our coffee, she decided to let me in on a little secret…she’s expecting!! I was so excited for her and her husband, Kevin!! Only catch was, I couldn’t tell anyone for a whole week. But she announced it via facebook and the blog last night so I figured I was in the clear. I also swiped this one form their little blog.¬†So excited for you, Brookie and Kev!! You guys are going to be AWESOME parents! Can’t wait to meet Baby Blalock!!

And since we are on the subject of babies, my little miss Penny is 6 months old today! I can’t believe she’s already that big. Seems like yesterday she was this tiny 3 lb. puppy. To “celebrate”, she is having her girly surgery on Friday. Yikes!¬†She has no idea it’s coming. Poor thing. Let’s hope it helps settle her down some! Homegirl is CRA-ZY. Raging horemones. Does it to ya every time.

I’m loving all these big blessings in little packages lately!

And let’s hope I can continue this blogging thing more regularly!

Well, the birthday week is officially over. For some reason, this year seemed to be extra special. I felt the love from all angles and I am so thankful to all my friends and family who made it a special birthday this year. Also, a special thanks to my parents who said such sweet things via the internet. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding me. So, if you are one of them, please know I am thankful for your love!

In other random news…let me introduce you to Kate…


She was bestowed upon me for my birthday by my roommate and bestest friend, Mert. She caught wind of the Kate Spade Sample Sale last week and decided to splurge on my birthday by having this little beauty sent to the house. I was in complete shock. I insist this is my Birthday and Christmas present for 2011. You hear me, M?

Want to hear the craziest part?? She picked this one out because “it looked like me”. Little did she know I blogged about it at the beginning of the summer AND I pinned it! I think we’ve lived together a little too long…she knows me way too well.

So here is my official internet THANK YOU shout out to my roomie. Love you Mert! Thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

Miss Penny Mae is up to no good these days. She has learned to climb the stairs. Watch out, Bogart!! She is so proud of herself when she does it too. The only downside is that I now have to gate off the stairs when I don’t want her up there. Oh, and also, she hasn’t learned to come DOWN the stairs yet…so many times I have had to go retrieve her from her new clubhouse, “the upstairs”. She is a trip and her personality is coming out more and more each day.

Here she is at the top of the stairs. And there is the famous Pug head tilt…a high pitch noise will do it every time!


Also, unexpectedly, I am no longer the owner of a Blackberry. I know, I was kind of sad too. I truely miss you, Blackberry Messenger. Said roomie, Mert, just ¬†HAD to have an iPhone. Which meant, her Android was not in use and obviously is a little more up to date than my Blackberry. So, I switched. I’m still getting use to it but so far, so good! I’m somewhat addicted to Words with Friends. Do you guys play it? If so, leave me your username and we’ll play! Oh, and don’t worry, I’m terrible so count on a win!

My other favorite apps include the Starbucks App which I can use to track my gold card and recent birthday gift card balances, My Fitness Pal where I keep track of what I’ve eaten for the day and how many calories I’ve burned, and Gas Buddy where I can see where the cheapest gas in town is. Any other apps you guys want to suggest would be great!

And because I have given Penny lots of blog time lately, I better share some love to her big bro. Here are a few pics I snapped of my adventure in walking them TOGETHER on Saturday morning. I’m trying really hard to do this every day so they will “become a pack” as Ceasar says. It’s quite interesting having 2 dogs that go at 2 different speeds. Here’s a little look into our walking dynamic…

Bogart wants to sniff every tree and Penny…well..she just wants to sniff Bogart. If you can’t tell, he isn’t interested in being sniffed.


Again…Bogart just wants to enjoy EVERY SINGLE TREE…while Penny is screaming “COME ON”….mentally, that is…


And when I can finally drag Bogart away from that tree he just HAS TO SMELL…we finally get going and it’s not so bad….and for a little while, there is peace among the Pugs.


  • I have added a Q&A page to the top of the ol’e blog. It was time to put some questions to bed. Especially that last one. I’ve been getting asked that CONSTANTLY. ūüėČ
  • This weekend was supposed to be a beach weekend. With the hurricane headed towards the coast, we decided to exchange the bathing suits for hiking boots and take a trip up to the mountains instead. I’m looking forward to some much needed rest and relaxation for a few days. Yay for 4 day work weeks and 3 day weekends ahead.
  • Miss Penny Mae is growing like a weed. She is officially 4 months old and up to 8.94 lbs. She is getting the potty training thing and¬†we are still working on her manners.¬†I’ve discovered that a blanket and the ceiling fan¬†on at night settles her down pretty quick. See Exibit A:
  • I just finished a SUPER COOL DIY project…I can’t share it with you guys on here because it’s for someone I know who reads the ole’ bloggeroo. Is it you?? Who knows! I’ll show it to you guys once the fall hits.
  • Speaking of fall, I feel like I say this every August/Steptember but I CAN’T WAIT FOR FALL! Sweaters, boots, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes, no humidity…YAY.
  • Next Thursday is my 27th birthday…why are they starting to come faster and faster?? Geez…
  • Also, I scored some tickets to the Panthers vs. Titans game in Novemeber for one of my bestie’s birthdays. Pretty excited about it! It’s going to be good times had by all. Lets all say a prayer that the Panthers make a come back this year!
  • Bootcamp is an addiction for me now. I’m down 10 lbs and a jeans size. Thank you BC for kicking my but 3 times a week ūüôā

Happy Monday Lovies!

Back in the day…

The Life List

* Ride in a hot air balloon *Have a meal with someone famous *Walk across the bridge at Grandfather Mountain *Visit Paris and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower *Adopt a rescue dog *Send my parents on a trip funded by only me *Walk/Run in the Cooper River Bridge Run (April 2007) *RUN the entire Cooper River 10K (3/27/2010) *Run a half marathon (aiming for 12/11/2010) *Watch an entire scary movie without hiding my eyes or screaming * Become a Blood Donor (2/5/2010) *Go horseback riding on an actual trail out west *See the Grand Canyon *Take a cross country road trip *Sing kareoke *Backpack around Europe *Visit New York during Christmas to see Rockefeller Center (12/6/2008) *Go on a cruise with my BOMBAYS *Pull the handle on a slot machine in Vegas *Swim with dolphins *Buy an outrageously expensive handbag just b/c I fell in love with it *Attend an awards show of some sort *Win a prize on the radio (Dec. 2007) *Go to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN *Fall in love and stay in love *Become a mom *Become the coolest aunt ever *Dance with my Dad *Learn to Hula Dance *Learn Italian and use it in Italy *Read the Bible cover to cover *Witness a miracle (All of 2009-the year of watching miracles happen) *Move to the beach for retirement *Volunteer regularly for a year *Buy a house and pay it off *Leave a $100 tip for a $10 meal *Go sailing on a sailboat *Learn to surf *Be completely swept off my feet *Go white water rafting with my family (6/3/2010) *Go parasailing *Tour the White House *Return to Haiti (4/3/2010)