A good friend of mine lost her dad this past week. It all happened so quickly that I think everyone who knew him are still in shock that he is gone. Within the span of 3 weeks, he was diagnosed with cancer, given a week to live, moved to hospice, and then passed away at the young age of 52. He was a very loved member of the community and church. The outpouring of love on their family was amazing to witness. His funeral was definitly sad but was approached not only as a way to say goodbye but to celebrate his life. So many times we think the funeral is about being sad and not allowing yourself to laugh or crack a smile. But his funeral had laughter as stories were told about some of the jokes he pulled and smiles were cracked as pictures of him with friends and family scrolled through on the projector screen. It was a time of rememberance and celebrating a great man who made an impact on a lot of people. A man who left a legacy.

Being a daddy’s girl myself, my heart of course went out to my dear freind who no longer has her daddy. She no longer can call him when she has a question about her car or needs advice about her next step in life. And the truth is, that could easily be any of us. None of us are promised tomorrow and neither are our loved ones. Even though she misses her dad dearly, she was brave and strong enough to give a touching eulegy about the love only a Dad and a daughter can understand. He was so proud of her and it is evident in the way he raised her. She is who she is because of his influence in her life. What an awesome testiment. He lives on through her.

Throughout his funeral, a verse found in 2 Timothy was read several times that was fitting for her dad and his sudden call to go home. It was 2 Timothy 4:7 which reads “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” I don’t know about you but I hope that’s said about me someday at my funeral. What a great way to be remembered. It’s really caused me to think this week about what I fill my life with. Is it things that will leave a legacy and will make my friends and family say “she fought the good fight”? Am I running the race to the best of my ability? Have I kept the faith? I hope to be more concious of this on a daily basis. And I encourage you to do the same.

As for my dear friend who probably doesn’t read this little corner of the web, I hope you know you are loved.