15 = The amount of vacation days I have for 2013. Also the amount of days I need to get the heck out of dodge and enjoy myself this year. Maybe somewhere tropical for a few of them. Any takers?

3 = The amount of Hobby Lobbys I visted trying to find all the items for 1 Christmas gift I wasn’t able to finish until the first week of January. For the record, I visited Hobby Lobbies in Charlotte, Burlington, and also Nashville. It was a grand Tour de Craft Stores, if you will. Good times. Not really.

90 = The amount of minutes in the Hot Stone Message I will be receiving in a few weeks after my work trip. Now that’s a good Christmas gift. Men, take note.

11:00 = The time of morning next Wednesday I will be laying in a dentist chair receiving the lovely gift of a filling. I went almost 3 years with no fillings. Drat.

20 = The amount of tacos I prepaired for Taco Tuesday last night with my favorite bunch of Taco Tuesday peeps. Shout out to the Dyers and Mert for coming over for Taco Tuesday! It was so good to see you guys and catch up. P.S. Thanks for the Coca-Cola, Luke 🙂

mert & bogkelly and luke

$27 = amount of my first electricity bill. Ha. Yeah, that won’t ever happen again. #firstmonthsluck

29 = the age I turn this year. Holy approaching 30, Batman. Not sure if I’m ready to turn that number. Good thing I have till September to get used to the idea.

3.5 = the amount of DIY blog posts being held hostage on my laptop until I get a router for my apartment. I know, how ridiculous that I’m paying for internet I can’t even use at the moment. What. A. Slacker. I blame the holidays. All of them. Even you, Kwanzah.

4 = the amount of days I’ve gotten up at O’dark thirty to get my run on at the gym. That’s right. Be impressed.

4 = the amount of times I FROZE as I walked in the dark to the gym room to run. Ready for spring, party of 1.

2 = the amount of wreaths still hanging up in my house. That’s right, I refuse to take them down. For 1, my friends work entirely too hard getting their Christmas cards out to pack them up right away. So, I’m enjoying them until February. And 2, my front door wreath is more Winter Festive then Christmas.

card wreath

front door

ALSO, this is probably a little late, but I made that sparkly front door wreath for under $10! I found the silver tinsel wreath at Home Depot for about $4 and I bought 5 or 6 tubes of the multi-colored plastic ball ornaments in the $1 section at the Target. Enter glue gun and boom – new festive wreath! I highly reccomend it if you scored some good after Christmas ornaments or wreaths this year.

Any important numbers to you this first month of January?