As I sit here in my hotel room after a 9 hour work day half way through my work trip, I can’t help but think about this season of change I’m going through. I was reading through some of my favorite blogs tonight and I came accross Gussey Sews post about finding peace in her season of change. Her season is WAY different then mine since she’s A. having a baby and B. she just moved to LA from Minneapolis. But, I really found comfort in knowing that everyone has seasons of change and it’s totally normal to be freaked out by them. Sometimes I forget that.

But as she said, it’s important to find your joy not in a person, job, house, or any other worldy thing. But find it in Him. You know, the uppercase Him. The big Him. Why is this so hard to remember? I feel like I need it stamped on my forehead. I get so bogged down with feeling worried about relationships disolving, obsessing about whether I’m on the right path, and don’t even get me started on the future. But it seems like just when I start getting burried in worries, I’m softly reminded that I should stop and be joyful in this time. Be joyful in times of worry, for there really is no reason to worry.

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Are you all having trouble with this as well? Is it tough to find your joy sometimes?