Seems like I have a lot of ground to cover! So let’s go with a list…

1. I did indeed get an iPhone about a month ago. I am loving it. I can’t get use to having so much technology at my fingertips. Seriously, wow. One of my favorite apps has to be Instagram. I’ve been participating in a fun “Photo A Day in March” hashtag-along and I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s encouraged me to document my life more in a quick and convenient way. Here are a few of my favorites…

Day 3: Your Neighborhood

Day 7: Something you wore

Day 14: Clouds

2. Guess who turns a wopping 6 years old tomorrow! I can’t believe he is already 6!  Time flies. I remember when he was just a tiny little puppy. Now he’s my wise old man pug with his gray gotee 🙂 I just love him to pieces. It’s hard to remember life without him. We will be celebrating on Saturday with a nice long walk and a doggie-canolli from our favorite pet bakery. And lots of hugs and kisses.

Here he is at 3 months old .

Here he is now, my Bogart Theodore. So handsome.

3. I’m running the Cooper River Bridge 10K again in a few weeks. It has become an annual thing we attend now and I am so excited to go back. It’s really like a mini vacation. We make it a 4 day weekend and just spend lots of time sight seeing and hanging out in downtown. I am so stoked! Here’s hoping there are no injuries and safe travels!

4. In other news, spring has sprung! Not sure if you have noticed but it gets quite warm these days in the Carolinas. I think we went from fall to about 3 days of winter to a “cold spring” straight to summer in March. Oh well, I guess that’s global warming for ya!

5. Are you excited about The Hunger Games coming out in theaters this weekend? I am! I read the first book and am working on the 2nd now. I wish I could say I can’t put it down but I’m just not that kind of reader. I can put the book down. But I am enjoying it!! I’m looking forward to maybe catching a matinee on Sunday after all the crazies clear out. Movie review to come!

I hope to start blogging regularly again…sorry again for the long hiatus!