Since a lot of my friends and family from back home and other areas read this little tiny piece of the internet regularly, I figured it was time to address the obvious question I get asked pretty regularly…

“How do you feel about the DNC coming to Charlotte in September?”

Well if you know me, you know I’m really not into politics. I am a registered voter and do my civil duty by voting when election time comes but that’s about the extent. I keep my opinions to myself and prefer not to discuss politics.  It seems to just create awkward moments between friends and coworkers and gets everyone riled up. That being said, I feel like the DNC coming to Charlotte is going to be a GREAT for our city from an economical stand point. The hotels are booking up, the restaurants will be full, and it will give Charlotte a chance to shine for a week with lots of attention.

I, however, will not be here 🙂

I’ll be headed south with the pugs to a little place called North Myrtle Beach. Mert and I have gone in together and rented a pet-friendly house with a yard and a pool only 500 feet from the beach for that week. I’m stoked! We came to this decision after we thought of the traffic, the fight just to get to and from work that week, and basically just all the extra people being in town. While I’m very glad they are coming, I’m very glad I won’t have to be here. Oh and did I mention it’s also the week of my 28th birthday? What better place to celebrate then with my feet in the sand miles from the craziness? Exactly.

Also, with M’s new place being so close to the uptown area, it’s prime real estate to rent out for the week. She is still setting the terms and working on posting it for rent but if that were to happen, she would be able to make some money while also enjoying a week at beach. Win, win!

So, if you know of anyone wanting to rent a 2 bedroom townhouse for that week, just let me know. I can get you the hook-up.

So bring it on, Democratic party….enjoy Charlotte for the week. I’ll be enjoying a little vacation and possibly catching snippets of the Queen City on tv between beach visits, naps, and meals. Pure genius if you ask me 🙂