1. It’s really sad that I had to go back and read my last post just so I knew what I wrote about last. It’s been that long. SMH (mom, that means shake my head)

2. My room is *prettymuch* finished. By *prettymuch*, I mean I am sick of working on it and it meets the “good enough for me” standard. So, I am throwing in the towel for a while. I’ll post pictures soon. Well, I better not say soon. We know how “soon” works for me on this blog…but, pictures will be coming in the future.

3. I’m currently on a yoga kick. I was able to score a sweet Groupon a few weeks back where I get to try 10 yoga classes, 10 jazzercise classes, and 10 pilates classes for $20! Talk about a serious deal! A savings of over $300. I went to my first yoga class  last Tuesday and I loved it! I was sore from doing bootcamp the day before but I was amazed how stretched and better I felt after an hour of power yoga. Not to mention just the time to clear my head and do some much needed stress relief. It was great and I can’t wait to go back next week.

4. Happy Valentines Day for those of you who celebrate! I celebrate Singles Awareness Day myself, but that’s just because…well, obvious reasons. But doesn’t mean I’m bitter or don’t respect those who have  a cheese to their mac. So, Happy Valentines Day to you love birds. I won’t be celebrating with dinner or a movie but I am thinking a night at yoga is the perfect place to ignore the crowds.

5. I am going to be having fun this weekend with Melissa coming to town! Woohoo! We always seem to have so much fun when she comes to town. On the agenda for this weekend so far is a UNC Charlotte baseball game and a trip to get my new iPhone. Yay! The rest remains a mystery. I’m sure we will find plenty of trouble to get in to.

6. Penny update: I would now classify her as on the verge of slowing down. She is becoming more of a lap dog and will sit still for a picture now as evidenced by the below shot. She loves to be pet and scratched and is growing out of the “tazmanian devil” phase. She also is getting along better with Bogart every day. Happy 10 Month BirthdayPenny! I look forward to seeing how you grow up and hopefully slow down in the coming months 🙂