It ALWAYS amazes me how quickly the year goes by. I think that’s a getting older thing. One that I’m not too crazy about. But when I think back on 2011, I think about so many things. Well, just looking thr0ugh my blog archives, I’m completely shocked how much has happened in the past 365 days.

Since it’s the 5th already and the month is passing us by, I’ll spare ya the photo recap this year and just name off a few important moments for 2011 for me…

Moving at New Years.
Snow storm = 2 snow days off from work.
Lots of decorating & DIY.
Did lots of cooking.
Caught the flu.
Had my wisdom teeth taken out.
Took a trip to Charleston, SC to “run” the Cooper River Bridge yet again.
Attempted to grow things. It didn’t work.
Got a part time job.
Started going to boot camp.
I got in my car accident.
Spent 4 lovely days at the beach.
Got a new car.
Spend a week in Gatlinburg with the family.
Went white water rafting.
Became obsessed with Pinterest.
I adopeted Penny and became a multi-pug owner.
Celebrated my 27th birthday.
Girls trip to Melissa’s beach house!
Became the owner of my very first Kate Spade bag.
Helped Mert raise money for the Avon Walk.
Ryder had his heart surgery and is now thriving with how whole heart (yay!)
My good firend Brooke found out she was pregnant!
Penny had her surgery.
Found out we were going to have to move at New Years AGAIN.
Supported The Mammary Clan as they walked in the
Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.
Made the Pugs wear their Halloween Ccostumes.
Went to a Panthers game with Melissa for her birthday!
Saw the Rockettes the day before Thanksgiving.
Spent time with friends and family for Thanksgiving.
Ryder’s 1 year birthday party!
Made lots of goodies and DIY Christmas projects.
Mert bought her new house!
Packe dup and Moved the day before going to home for Christmas.
Spent time with friends and family for Christmas.

Sprinkle in some trips to Durham and that was my 2011.

Lots planned for 2012. Hope it’s a great year.