I know, what a Grinch-like title, right? But it’s true. I’ve been having trouble getting into the yule tide spirit this year. I’ve listened to Christmas music non stop, baked goodies for friends and family, and I even did a little shopping. But without a Christmas tree, it just doesn’t seem complete. As silly as it sounds, that little piece of the season makes a big difference to me…apparently.

With the impending move we (Mert and I) will be making this month, going all out and dragging my 2 huge boxes of Christmas decore out seemed like a pointless effort. We are currently waiting to hear when the official closing date is going to be on the house she is buying and we are hoping that it will be sooner rather than later. But who knows. It occurred to me today that maybe putting the tree up will cause the closing date to come quicker! It’s a theory I have.

What do you guys think? Tree or no tree?

But as I’m catching up on all my blogs this morning, I’m reminded just how good I have it as I read about my friends over seas who were lucky to find a “christmas tree” like potted plant for them to put some ribbon on it decorate. So, I guess my sad little pitty part I’ve been having for myself is really quite in vain. Christmas isn’t about the decorations or the “feeling” we get during the month of December. It’s about Him. And to me, that’s the key to getting in the spirit.

So, time to refocus and get out of my funk. Thanks for the reality check, blogosphere.