Just wanted to drop by to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Whether you are heading out of town to see family, or sticking close by. Whether you are goign to be celebrating with a bird or with a bird substitute. Whether you are watching the parade or watching the back of your eye lids. Whether you are spending it in America or in foreign lands. 
I wish everyone a happy and thankful holiday.

As for me, I’m headed to see the rents today. I’ll be going to see The Rockettes tonight, turkey tomorrow, Muppet Movie at some point, a haircut, some coffee date(s) and lots of R&R. Well as much as you can when taking 2 dogs with you to a house where there are already 2 dogs. Should be good times! Dog Palooza will ensue in t-minus 6 hours.

As for traveling, Miss Penn has graduated from riding in her carrier to being strapped in to a big girl harness…check her out!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!