Well, it’s mid-November. Time for everyone to start thinking about the big question everyone deals with this time of year…do we send a Christmas card? Or do we skip that whole tradition this year?

With so many Christmas card options these days, it’s hard to skip it. I mean, you can create your own, take professional family photos, spend hours on Shutterfly creating them only to spend a small fortune to order them and get them sent. While it seems like such a hassle, this is one tradition I really love. I love the thought people put into the photo cards and I think it’s a great way to make someone smile. I mean, who doesn’t love getting that first Christmas card in the mail??

This really got me thinking lately of a way to keep all my Christmas cards each year. I mean, with all the thought and time, put into them, doesn’t it seem unfair to toss them after the new year? So I turned to Pinterest (of course) for some neat ways to display and keep them…

Running ribbon across your cabinets and pinning with clothespins via here

A similar approach which I thought was cute via here

An old picture frame turned DIY card holder via here

But my all time favorite is this idea which I am going to be doing myself using silver paint on the pins and red ribbon…

via here

And as for keeping the cards for years to come, I found this nifty idea. Create books and use them for your coffee table or entry way tables. Watch people’s kids, families, and puppies grow each year 🙂


via here

Such a good idea. Why didn’t I think of that?

As for my Christmas cards, they have been ordered and actually received today in the mail. This year both pugs will be making appearances. I’m dying to show how they turned out but for now, I leave you with this shot of Penny. Let’s just say it wasn’t that tough to pick a shot for the card as there were very few clear ones to choose from…

Let’s hope next year she is a little calmer so I can have my favorite pug photographer help me out with my Christmas cheer 🙂