2 days in a row! I know, I’m shocked too…

So, some of  you may have heard about the “30 Days of Thanks” Project but if not, it’s basically a challenge to genuinly give thanks all 30 days of November. I read about it last year halfway through the month and thought what a cool thing to try and focus on for the month of November. We should be thankful all year long but the 30 days of November is a great time to practice having a thankful heart and to get into the routine of being thankful for things we don’t always think of. I know I’m guilty of being thankful for the normal things but there are so many other blessings I should be focusing on daily.

I know I’m a day late but I wanted to jump on the wagon as quickly as possible! I’ll be doubly thankful today.

Here’s my list of things I’ll be focusing on for the next 30 days. I’m going to make some flip cards for my desk so I can flip each day and be reminded of what I should be focused on for the day. Feel free to make your own list and challenge yourself as well!

Day 1: My Home
Day 2: My Job
Day 3: My Pets
Day 4: My Vehicle
Day 5: My Health
Day 6: My Country
Day 7: My Independence
Day 8: My Talents
Day 9: My Education
Day 10: My Christian Upbringing
Day 11: Lessons learned the hard way
Day 12: Clean water anytime I want/need it
Day 13: The freedom to chose who I worship
Day 14: Beautiful scenery normally taken for granted
Day 15: Change – in people and in situations
Day 16: Unconditional love
Day 17: Opportunities to be lights unto the world
Day 18: Unanswered prayers
Day 19: Blessings in disguise
Day 20: Undeniable evidence of Jesus Christ
Day 21: Missions – those who serve and the ability to serve
Day 22: New Life – all the babies who have been, will be, and are yet to be born!
Day 23: Parents who loved me enough to give me every chance possible
Day 24: A loving family with deep roots who make me who I am
Day 25: Friends who are there through thick and thin
Day 26: My future Mr.
Day 27: My future children
Day 28: The future of our country
Day 29: My salvation in the Lord
Day 30: My future in heaven with Him