Hello again! Making my return to the the ole blog today. What a whirlwind month. I feel like I blinked and it was over. Halloween has come and gone and of course i dressed up the pugs. What’s the fun of having dogs if you can’t humilate them once a year with halloween costumes?

Here is Penny as a Bat and Bogart as a Hot Dog. I wish I had gotten a better, non vampire eyes picture but this is as good as it was going to get this year. You have no idea how many treats it took to make this picture happen.

Here’s a close up of Miss Penny in her bat wings I made ala Martha Stewart!

Some black felt, black thread, some black elastic, and 6 hours later and I had a Bat Pug! She was cute for the .5 seconds she didn’t spin in circles trying to get it off. Maybe she will tollerate it longer next year.

Other than Halloween, some other exciting stuff has happened the past few weeks. For one, The Mammary Clan finished their 39.3 mile walk for Breast Cancer! Here they are at mile 15 where we mewt them at the cheering station…

You like my Dollar Tree poster? I made it at the last second. Oh, and pay no attention to my halo…it tends to pop up in pictures from time to time. So embarassing.

Here they are at the very end on Sunday crossing the finish line! Yay!

Sore and tired but they crossed together! So happy for them!

Last weekend I got to go to a Panther’s game. It was super fun! Here’s the lone pic I took.

I’ll be heading to the Panthers vs. Titans game in a few weeks with Melissa and I can’t wait!! It’s going ot be TONS-O-FUN!

Hmm…what else can I update you on? Oh, Penny’s surgery went well. Here’s her pic post surgery while she was all doped up…

The next day, it was like nothing even happened. She was back to her old self again. Trying to keep a puppy from being “active” for 7 days is impossible. She was leaping off the couch and running around like crazy the very next day. I gave up.

Oh, also, we found out that we have to move…again. I know. You guys are probably sick of hearing me tell you about how I move practically every year. Well, this time it is not our fault! The owner of our lovely little townhouse is wanting to move back into his house in January. Therefore, we have 2 months to figure something out. We are looking into options right now and should have a plan here soon. Yay us. So, keep us in your prayers that something pans out!

So glad to be back blogging again! Missed you guys!