Look! I’m blogging!! I know, please try to pick your jaws up off the floor. I apologize for the very long hiadus. It’s been a crazy month. Lots of traveling and working. Which is really no excuse for neglecting this little blog but it’s the truth. Scout’s honor. But I had an extra hour today so I figured, what the heck, why don’t I update you guys on what’s been going on.

Well, first off, thank you so much to those of you who dontated to Meredith’s Avon Walk. With your help and a few fundraisers, she has raised her $1800 goal and is headed for that 39 mile walk in 2 weeks! So, thanks so much for your support!!

In other news, Jason & Charity who are currently living in Slovakia doing mission work, just welcomed a bouncing baby girl into the world on Oct. 24th! Elise Noelle Palmer made her debut and we are all so excited that she is here! I was able to send over a few goodies with the aunt and uncle (thanks Marianne & Nathan!) when they went to visit recently. I can’t wait to watch her grow in pictures and through their blog. Hope you don’t mind but I swiped this adorable pick from your blog, Palmer Ponderings. She is such a cutie! What a sweet family! Congrats, Palmers!!

In other news, my dear friend Erin’s little boy Ryder is now the proud owner of a patched heart! He had his heart surgery on Oct. 3 to fix a hole he had in his heart which he was born with. I was able to be at the hospital with the family and some other firends to support Erin and Tate as they waited for their little one to come out of surgery. In about 3 hours, he was in and out of surgery with a fully functioning heart. We are so thankful and excited that Ryder is well on his way to being a totally normal little boy. Here’s some pictures Erin had made of this handsome little guy. Is he not a stud??

In other news, while I was home for little man’s surgery, I was able to squeeze in some coffee with the lovely Brooke. While we were sipping our coffee, she decided to let me in on a little secret…she’s expecting!! I was so excited for her and her husband, Kevin!! Only catch was, I couldn’t tell anyone for a whole week. But she announced it via facebook and the blog last night so I figured I was in the clear. I also swiped this one form their little blog. So excited for you, Brookie and Kev!! You guys are going to be AWESOME parents! Can’t wait to meet Baby Blalock!!

And since we are on the subject of babies, my little miss Penny is 6 months old today! I can’t believe she’s already that big. Seems like yesterday she was this tiny 3 lb. puppy. To “celebrate”, she is having her girly surgery on Friday. Yikes! She has no idea it’s coming. Poor thing. Let’s hope it helps settle her down some! Homegirl is CRA-ZY. Raging horemones. Does it to ya every time.

I’m loving all these big blessings in little packages lately!

And let’s hope I can continue this blogging thing more regularly!