Well, the birthday week is officially over. For some reason, this year seemed to be extra special. I felt the love from all angles and I am so thankful to all my friends and family who made it a special birthday this year. Also, a special thanks to my parents who said such sweet things via the internet. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding me. So, if you are one of them, please know I am thankful for your love!

In other random news…let me introduce you to Kate…


She was bestowed upon me for my birthday by my roommate and bestest friend, Mert. She caught wind of the Kate Spade Sample Sale last week and decided to splurge on my birthday by having this little beauty sent to the house. I was in complete shock. I insist this is my Birthday and Christmas present for 2011. You hear me, M?

Want to hear the craziest part?? She picked this one out because “it looked like me”. Little did she know I blogged about it at the beginning of the summer AND I pinned it! I think we’ve lived together a little too long…she knows me way too well.

So here is my official internet THANK YOU shout out to my roomie. Love you Mert! Thank you for such a thoughtful gift!

Miss Penny Mae is up to no good these days. She has learned to climb the stairs. Watch out, Bogart!! She is so proud of herself when she does it too. The only downside is that I now have to gate off the stairs when I don’t want her up there. Oh, and also, she hasn’t learned to come DOWN the stairs yet…so many times I have had to go retrieve her from her new clubhouse, “the upstairs”. She is a trip and her personality is coming out more and more each day.

Here she is at the top of the stairs. And there is the famous Pug head tilt…a high pitch noise will do it every time!


Also, unexpectedly, I am no longer the owner of a Blackberry. I know, I was kind of sad too. I truely miss you, Blackberry Messenger. Said roomie, Mert, just  HAD to have an iPhone. Which meant, her Android was not in use and obviously is a little more up to date than my Blackberry. So, I switched. I’m still getting use to it but so far, so good! I’m somewhat addicted to Words with Friends. Do you guys play it? If so, leave me your username and we’ll play! Oh, and don’t worry, I’m terrible so count on a win!

My other favorite apps include the Starbucks App which I can use to track my gold card and recent birthday gift card balances, My Fitness Pal where I keep track of what I’ve eaten for the day and how many calories I’ve burned, and Gas Buddy where I can see where the cheapest gas in town is. Any other apps you guys want to suggest would be great!

And because I have given Penny lots of blog time lately, I better share some love to her big bro. Here are a few pics I snapped of my adventure in walking them TOGETHER on Saturday morning. I’m trying really hard to do this every day so they will “become a pack” as Ceasar says. It’s quite interesting having 2 dogs that go at 2 different speeds. Here’s a little look into our walking dynamic…

Bogart wants to sniff every tree and Penny…well..she just wants to sniff Bogart. If you can’t tell, he isn’t interested in being sniffed.


Again…Bogart just wants to enjoy EVERY SINGLE TREE…while Penny is screaming “COME ON”….mentally, that is…


And when I can finally drag Bogart away from that tree he just HAS TO SMELL…we finally get going and it’s not so bad….and for a little while, there is peace among the Pugs.