Look at what I was able to capture in my kitchen Friday! 


Yes, you are seeing correctly. Both pugs in the floor together at the same time. This is what I call progress. Sorry it’s blurry, the BB is no Nikon.

In other news, I have been obsessivley pinning things lately and have tried quite a few recipes from my favorite procrastination website. So far, these are my 2 favorites!


A beach trip has been planned for September and I am SO EXCITED. I have a pug-sitter and everything. It’s going to be 3 days of pure sunshine and friend bliss.

Speaking of September…someone has a 27th birthday a month from today. SERIOUSLY? What happened to 2011? It went by way too fast and I can’t believe my 27th year is about to start. It will be 30 before long. I’m thinking low key this year. Maybe a hip restaurant with some friends and some cake. It’s no birthday without cake. I found this lovely recipe for a key lime cake which looks devine. Just might have to test it out!

And it’s official. I’m over the summer. I need some crisp fall air, some boots, a scarf, and a trip the State Fair stat. Anyone else??

Happy Monday 🙂