Once again it has been extreamly too long since I blogged last. Between craziness at work and my part time gigs, the new pup, and well just the summer in general, this has taken the back burner. Hopefully this is my effort at making a turn for the better and I will be blogging more regularly.

Anyways, I wanted to give you guys an update on Penny Mae. It’s been quite an experience getting her. I have discovered a few life lessons through getting this new pup I would love to share with you and anyone else who is interested in some of the hurdles they might come accross when adding a canine to your “pack”.  So here we go.

1. Prepare for unforseen expenses.
Believe it or not, this 3 lb pup has been quite the expense the past few weeks. To make a long story short, when I first got her, she had a case of kennel cough which is very normal for puppies when they come from breeders or places with a lot of dogs. I took her to the vet and got her some meds. Our second trip to the vet was 2 weeks later when I took her and Bogart for their check ups – Bogart’s yearly visit and Penny for her 3rd round of shots. Found out Penny had an ear infection, que ear drops.  After having blood work done, I was called a few days later by the vet to find out they both had a small parasite show up in their tests which needed to be flushed out of their system most likely brought in by the pup. Que my 3rd trip to the vet to get meds last night. So, as you can see, you should always expect to have some unexpected vet visits and meds when bringing in a new pup. Be prepared with some savings set aside for just these sorts of emergencies.

2. Don’t expect them to be the same temperment, personality, and energy levels.
This one should be pretty obvious but Bogart is 5 and Penny is right around 15 weeks. Their energy levels are not the same. Penny runs and plays non stop where as Bogart would rather sleep for 20 hours a day. I think Pugs have the best personalities of any other dog breed but that doesn’t mean they are the same. Bogart is laid back, low maintenance, very chill. Penny is high strung, likes to chew, and gets upset when scolded. For example, when Bog was a pup, he could care less when I scolded him. He would get up, walk off, and then before long do the same act he did before. He was very stubborn. Penny on the other hand, gets upset when you scold her, puts her tail between her legs and crawls under the coffee table. She knows when she has made a mistake and this has worked to my advantage since it has been a pretty easy potty training experience. So, be prepared for differences in your pups even if they are the same breed.

3.  Time will tell.
Obviously with their energy levels being like night and day, Penny and Bogart are not quite the best of friends. Penny wants to be in his face, Bogart wants nothing to do with her, etc. etc. etc. So, getting Bogart comfortable around her yet also keeping Penny from jumping on her big brother all the time is a real balancing act. Between me and Roomie Mert, we are juggling it. Most nights, we each end up with a Pug in our lap to avoid jealousy and then the next night, we swap. Bogart still gets run of the house while Penny is crated and confined to the kitchen when we are gone. She also isn’t allowed upstairs which gives him some space. But when I’m home at night, I try my best to keep both Pugs in my sight and keep Penny from harrasing Bog. But as I’ve heard from most 2-dog owners, it will get better and the novelty of jumping all over him will ware off. I sure hope so.

4. Routine is key.
Getting the new pup in a routine quickly is a majorly big thing. The quicker she understands going to her crate, going to the kitchen, when she eats, when she goes outside, and when its play time, the better. Since getting Penny in a good routine, her potty training has come so much easier. I can almost guess when she needs to go. She is also learning to go to the door when she needs to go which is a really great thing. So, getting her use to major things like that has made all the difference. With Bogart too. He has had to get use to not always being number one pooch anymore. So, it helps in every area.

Ok, enough rambling, here are some shots of Penn and her toys the day I got her. According to the vet, she is a wopping 6 lbs now rather than 3 and she seems to be as healthy as can be.

Just want you guys to see the current state of Pugs in my house. Penny running around like crazy wanting to play with him SOOO bad and Bogart just looking at her from the couch wanting nothing to do with her and as if saying “Seriously?”. Say a prayer for me.