It’s true. If you’ve seen my tweets or facebook status, you know by now I have added a new puglett to my life. It is with great  pleasure that I introduce you to Miss Penelope Mae Huffman. Penny for short.

If you haven’t guessed by now, she is a  black Pug. She is a wopping 3.1 lbs of pure energy. She loves to run, play, and sleep. After much deliberation last week after finding her at a breeder nearby (ok an hour away), I decided to “go look at her”. Well, we all know how scenarios like that usually end. So, she was mine within an hour.

I have always heard Pugs are better in 2s. You all know how much I’m smitten with my big boy Bogart. So, adding another one to my life seemed like a normal step to take. As for her big brother, he isn’t so sure about her yet. She loves to chase him, nip at him like all puppies do, and pretty much get on his nerves. But when she’s not bugging him, he likes to stare at her and look on from the couch. He knows he’s still alpha dog and he has “safe places” where she is not allowed like the couch and upstairs (mainly my room). So he is slowly getting use to her. He is probably hoping we are just dog-sitting for a while but I’m sure he will get the picture when she stays for the next few…years.

Here she is knocked out in my arms the other night…

I love names with character and I wanted something that sounded good with Bogart. I just kept coming back to Penny. The deciding factor was when I practiced what it would sound like when I would have to fuss at her using “Penny Mae!” It just sounded right. She is already getting to know her name since I’ve said it no more than 462,508 times this weekend. Her mother was only 12 lbs. and her father was 15. So she is going to be a peanut compaired to her 23 lbs. big brother.

After noticing a little bit of a cough on Saturday night, I decided to take her to the vet a little earlier than her 12 week shot appointment to get her checked out. Like a lot of dogs who come from breeders, it was determined she had a little bit of Kennel Cough. So she’s on some antibiotics and will be back to normal in about 2 weeks. She was so squirmy but the vet said she was the most adorable puglett ever.

WordPress won’t let me upload any more photos so I’ll save some for tomorrow. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!