It’s true. I have become one of  THOSE bloggers. The kind that only blogs once a week. I’m so ashamed. I honestly have no excuses for you. It’s just been one of those periods of life for me where I’ve had very little inspiration, motivation, or creativity to draw from. Blogging crosses my my mind at least once a day. I know I should put some words out there for my handful of readers but then I realize I just don’t have much to say these days. Sure there are plenty of things to update you on like my totally awesome car (loving it!) or my progress at bootcamp (down 7 lbs!). But I’ve just been lacking in the “how to make that worth reading”  area.

So in an effort to get out of my funk, I’m going to go back to my roots and do a random post to get the creative juices flowing. Here goes nothing!

Have you all discovered Pinterest yet? It’s pretty much my new favorite distraction. It’s a great place to find fashion, home decor, photos, projects, recipes, or basically anything you like. It’s a virtual “pin board” if you will. You find things you like and you “pin” them to your board and it keeps them organized and all together. So when you want to remember where you saw something, you just go to your board and there it is waiting to lead you back to the corner of the web where you found it. It’s quite exclusive though. You must be “invited” to join. Lucky for you guys I have 5 invites waiting to go out. First 5 to let me know they want to join gets them! You will not regret it. It’s the coolest thing since sliced bread. Here are a few sneak peaks at my board and things I’ve re-pinned from other’s boards.

You know I love a good DIY!

The love for birds continues…

Love these chalkboard painted refrigerator blocks for planning your week. Clever!

The first trip to Durham in the new car went well. The backseat set up  for the Pug went way better than I expected. After about 30 minutes of crying, he laid down and finally relaxed the rest of the ride. Here he is chilling in his new harness. Don’t let the wrinkles fool you, thae harness fit him just fine.


A few weeks ago while i was in Myrtle Beach, I purchased my first pair of Chuck Taylors. I always wanted some as a kid but never got to have any. I chose the navy ones and I  love them. It’s funny how they are sized though. I ended up buying a 3.5 in kids b/c the 6 in adults were too big. I look about 12 years old when I wear them but I don’t care. Love them lots!

I also want to rave about a hair product for a quick second. After getting board with my 3 hair styles, I went to my fab hair dresser and asked her to send me some hair ideas. She sent me some great ones but one in particular I wanted to try this weekend. I bought this spray last summer nad never really tried it out. But I decided to give it a try. After washing my hair, spraying it, twisiting it into pin curls, letting it dry and then running my fingers through it, I had tosseled waves. It was a lot of work but I loved the results. I will be doing this again for sure. I’m considering pinning it up and sleeping on it and seeing what kind of results I get. Hmmm we shall see! But in all seriousness, I give all credit to this product for making my waves last all night long. They were large and in charge and I was thrilled with the results! If you have pretty straight hair and want those beach waves for a summer look, give this a try!

Ok, I’m all tapped out of randomness. Happy longest day of the year everybody! Make sure to celebrate with some