Well, I finally have a set of wheels that are all mine again. After 2 weeks of being in a rental, I went car shopping Friday and came home with exactly what I wanted and for the price I wanted. After a few days of having dreams nightmares about car shopping, haggling, and not getting what I really wanted, I finally decided to take a half day on Friday and just get it over with. To my surprise, the car I found on Auto Trader was just what I expected and more. And on top of that, I got the car for the price I wanted with little to no haggling involved. It was a great car buying experience.

Here’s what I came home with. A (new to me) 2008 Mercury Mariner. If it looks familiar, that’s because it is the close cousin of the Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape. They have the same basic design, engine, and specs.

She has 32,000 miles and is in really great condition. The inside is tan and I am LOVING sitting up high when I drive. Never thought I would want to sit up so high but it turns out, I do!

Something I am planning on doing totally different this time around is the way I’m going to travel with Bogart in the car. In my Sonata, I could plop him in the front seat and it was fine. Or so I thought.  But after my accident, it really hit home how unsafe it was to drive with him in the front seat like that. Especially after getting in my wreck just after dropping him off 5 minutes before hand. It really made me consider how much worse off the accident could have been had he been in the car. So, I decided that with this car, I’m going all out for the Pugs safety.

I invested in one of these for his safety and comfort.I saw these a few years ago and decided to take the plunge and get one for the Pug.  Puppia makes them and they are mesh so that he will be comfy while also being restrained properly. Look how many fun colors!

I also got one of these little gizmos which attaches the harness to the seat belt and keeps them from moving around too much. It slides through  the locked seat belt for restraint yet also is adjustable for letting them sit or lay how they want comfortably.

Then of course, I got a cover for the back seat to keep the fur to a minimum. This is a hammock so it also will keep him from falling in the floor incase he isn’t retained by the seatbelt gizmo. I think I’ve got all my bases covered!

Am I the crazy dog lady? A little. But at least I know he’ll be safe. Wouldn’t you want to keep this face safe too??