Shortly after writing my last post (about an hour to be exact) I got a phone call that the Sonata was indeed totaled. The cost to fix her was going to be more expensive that the actually KBB (Kelly Blue Book) value. Therefore, she was considered a lost cause and I was told to come pick up my personal items from her and she would be towed to salvage on Monday.

I’m not going to lie, it was a tough thing to hear. I know you are all thinking “come on, it was just a car!” But the truth is, it wasn’t just a car to me. Buying my Sonata was as I call it, my first grownup purchase. I found her online. Whe was perfect. Only a year old, less that 30,000 miles, sunroof, V6…everything I wanted. I did my research, figured out my budget, and then I marched right up to the dealership on the following Saturday and said “I want that car for this price.” And I didn’t leave until I got what I came for. That car was a reminder that I had a backbone. That I was independent. That I was no longer some college student living off my parents. I was officially an adult buying a car with my adult money which I work a very hard 40 hours a week for. It was a symbol. And in a blink of an eye almost 2 years after taking her home, she was gone? It just doesn’t seem right.

After I had a bit of a cry about it, I went to bed that night praying for the Lord to give me peace about it. I needed to be reminded that it is just a car and I am still the independent person who bought her. I woke up the next morning feeling a lot better about everything. I began looking at new cars and considering my options. Did I want another Sonata? I considered it but I think my 2 years with the Sonata were great. I’m looking at this new car as a new phase of my life. The life after and accident phase.

Picking up my things from the Sonata at the body shop on Saturday was strange. You never really expect to have to do that. It’s one of the things you have to do though. So, I went, cleaned her out, and surveyed the damage one last time. As the body shop manager handed me my license plate, it was official that she wasn’t mine anymore.

So, what’s next? This weekend I will march into another dealership and say I want that car for this price and I won’t leave until it happens. Because that’s what I did last time. And it worked out great. And life will go on.