Well, the plan was to drop the Pug off with the surrogate grandparents (Mert’s parents house) for the weekend and then head to the beach. BUT, it didn’t go quite as smoothely as planned.

As I was heading home, I got in a bit of a car accident. I had the green left turn yield light and a long line of cars to turn left was on the other side. I didn’t see anyone coming and started turning left. Little did I know, a little silver pick-up was zooming through behind that long line of cars and decided to plow right into me. Poor Sonata got a bit of damage…

She had to be towed away. It was pretty sad. She’s sitting at the body shop now waiting to be fixed. I’m driving a rental for now so we will see how long it is before she’s ready to drive again.

As for my injuries, I sustained a pretty bad airbag burn on my right arm (no pictures for obvious reasons), my left arm is all bruised and scratched up, and I jammed my right index finger so I get to wear this super sexy splint for a while until the brusing and swelling heals up.

I did head to the ER after Mert picked me up just to have some x-rays done on my hand and make sure all my bones were still intact. That was a fun 4 hour visit. It was determined it was just a jam and I just needed to splint it for a while till the bruising goes away.I take it off to type but other than that, I try to keep it on to avoid smacking my very bruised finger on stuff.

After that ordeal, I decided I wasn’t going to let a little wreck ruin my Memorial Day weekend at the beach. So we headed out Friday morning and got the beach about 1:00. My friend Kelly’s aunt has a beach house which she let us stay at. It’s a GREAT house and is so close to the beach.

We did a lot of beach time, cooking, playing cards, sleeping, reading, and basically just relaxing. We only went out to 3 places the entire weekend: the grocery store, Starbucks, and Baskin Robins for ice cream one night. It was the perfect relaxing weekend. My only regret was not getting to see Melissa while we were both down there. If I had had a car, I totally would have come for a visit!!

Overall, it was a really nice weekend. It was good to take my mind off of insurance, towing, and rentals for a weekend and come back refreshed. I am really thankful that the wreck wasn’t more serious and that my car sustained such little damage. Even though the other driver was ok, the pick-up truck involved was WAY worse off than me. THANK YOU HYUNDAI!!

I’m trying not to stress and I know everything happens for a reason. This is just another one of those life lessons. Even though the wreck happened and I was found at fault, no ticket was issued because my line of site was obstructed. My insurance is doing a great job of handling my claim and helping me in any way they can. So, I’m really just going to keep positive and just move on from this. Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers. I appreciate all of them!

**UPDATE: My poor Sonata was determined to be a total loss. Pretty sad news but I’m hoping to find sonething else I like just as much.**