I’m so ashamed at my lack of posts the past few weeks. I’m even more ashamed I don’t have much to really post about. But, here’s a few  updates on what I’ve been up to as of late…

Tomatoes: I have them growing on my plants!! I have 3 to be exact and they are growing bigger every day. I’m hoping this hot week doesn’t completely destroy them. Fingers crossed, everyone!

Boot(y) Camp: Today will be my 4th week and I’m liking it more and more each time. It is REALLY tough, I usually feel like I’m going to be sick when I’m done, and I’m sore the rest of the evening. BUT I’m starting to see a difference in my muscle tone and I also just feel better in general. So far, huge success!

Kindle: Loving it! I’m halfway through my first book and I am amazed how much my Kindle can do! I’m still waiting on my case though (boo etsy seller). I’m hoping it comes soon, I’m super worried about damaging it. I can’t wait to take it to beach this weekend. Would it be really weird if I wrapped it in suran wrap to protect it from the sand and salt?

BEACH: Speaking of which, I’m beach bound in t-minus 4 days!! I can’t wait. I need a break in a major way. I need to sit on the sand and stare at blue water and know that I have no emails to respond to, no phone calls to answer, and no emergencies to tend to. I just need to not be needed for 3 days. Oh sweet bliss, I can’t wait!

Side Jobs: I’ve been keeping pretty busy with all my “side work” too. It makes me laugh to call it that but I guess that’s what it is! I really like having something other than my day job to focus on. Helps keep my mind from going stir crazy. I’m super busy but I love it!

Love Life: Well….HA! Gotcha! Like I’m going to post that here (or lack there of).  Just thought I’d keep you on your toes this Monday morning! 🙂