Well, I’ve officially stuck it out (almost) 2 weeks at boot(y) camp. The first 2 weeks of any new work out is the hardest whether you’re training for a marathon or just starting to go for evening walks. Your brain is constantly telling you to stop and your muscles are also crying for help. But if you push through, you realize it’s not so bad and you infact feel much better now that you have survived the pain.

That’s about where I am. Going into this new workout schedule, I knew my body would want me to quit. And boy has it been crying! Between my calves burning everytime I stand up to my arms being so sore I couldn’t even straighten them out all the way, my body has been tested in ways it has never seen. But, the outcome? I’m feeling much stronger, my clothes are feeling better, and I’m just overall a much happier and more balanced person.

Before you think I’m some superhuman, I only go to 3 classes a week for an hour each. But it pushes you like nothing else I’ve ever seen. You sweat, work, and push for an hour straight. Whether it’s 20 burpees and a mile run for a warm up or wall sits for 3 minutes as the “cool down”, this class is no joke. But, that’s what I like about it. It’s so crazy that my body never knows what to expect, therefore I burn more calories and build more muscle without the plateau effect (yet).

There is one strange side effect I have found though. My eyelid twitches. All the time now. It started last week and it has continued to twitch off and on all day long for over a week now. Never having an eye twitch before, I decided to google it to see what was going on. I found that most every site with information about it said that they are usually caused by 3 things. Stress, caffeine, and fatigue. Guess which one is causing mine?

Apparently my body is so tired that it is causing my eye to twitch. I’m getting plenty of sleep and I’ve been cutting back on caffeine. And I can’t really say I’m stressed right now. So, basically my body’s way of telling me it’s tired it to let out a little tempertaintrum through my eyelid. But I think it will eventually go away. Nothing to worry about. I just think it’s kind of funny how your body reacts sometimes.

So, there you have it! I’ll be posting more updates throughout the next 6 months about my boot(y) camp experience. Oh, did I not mention I signed up for 6 months of classes? Ha. Cause I did.