Hey there sports fans. I have been crazy busy today but I wanted to send a quick update into blog world on a few little things I’ve got going on.

First of all, here’s my green thumb update. Below is a current picture of my “garden” on my back patio. Everything is growing beautifully! There are buds on all my veggie plants and my flowers should be showing signs of budding any day now. I’m pretty excited about it!

This weekend, I got to go see Water for Elephants with some of my favorite peeps. It was a really good movie. They did a great job illistrating the time period of the 1930’s in the midst of The Depression. Other than a little bit of animal cruelty which I closed my eyes for, I loved every bit of it. RP & RW were really great in it too. RPatz was especially cute with a haircut and a little bit of color. You know, non-vampire looking.

My other favorite thing about this movie was the elephant, Rosie. You absolutley fall in love with her in this movie. Elephants have always meant a lot to me because I have fond memories of riding elephants at the Nashville Zoo with my grandfather when I was a little girl. So, it really jerked at my heart strings some to see RW riding her in the movie. She is definitely a special animal.

She seems so sweet in the movie. Makes you want to go to the zoo.

In other news, I start boot camp today! Yes, you read that correctly, boot camp. I like to call it booty camp though. Mainly because it will most definitely be kicking my booty. But anyways, there is a place near my new house that offers boot camp classes 3 times a week. Well since I haven’t really been feeling the treadmill as of late, I thought I would stop my Y membership for the time being and give this a try. Sometimes you just have to try something new in order to shock your metabolism and get interested in excercise again. So, that’s my hope! It’s an hour long and it is literally 1 mile from my house. Can’t say it isn’t convenient! I’ll keep you posted on my progress. If you follow me on Twitter, I apologize in advance for the whining 🙂

Happy Monday!