I think many have been asking this question for days, weeks, and even months now when it comes to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate. I’m here to tell you what the fascination is.

Kate. A Commoner. Landed a PRINCE! Come on, people! This is what little girl’s dreams are made of!! She has been with William for 8 years now, dating, courting, and preparing to become royalty. Even before they announced their engagement, they made a pact that they would one day wed. Which means, Kate is the most patient woman on the planet. After years of speculation about poor “Waity Katie”, she finally landed her prince.

And that my friends is the fascination. British or not, we all at some point wanted to marry a prince. Whether we were 5 or 55, the dream of being royalty is in every girl’s heart and we have thought about it at least once in our lives. But for Kate, it actually happened. So, yes we are fascinated. Her dream actually did come true. And for that, we admire her and are in awe at the entire tradition of being considered royalty.

I bet when she used to watch Sleeping Beauty and sing along to “Some day, my prince will come…” she had no idea how true that was. What a lucky girl.

So, yes. I’m fascinated. As are thousands of other women accross the country and accross the pond. Just let us enjoy it, OK? To us it’s not just a wedding. It’s romantic. It’s whimisical. It’s a dream coming true. And we all need to see one of those happen every now and then.