Happy Belated Easter! Hope everyone had good weekends filled with family and friends. I had a really great weekend. I got to go home and see the family as well as catch up with a lot of friends. It had been about 2 months since I was in town so there was a lot of catching up to do! I even got to see 1 friend 3 days in a row!

I got to have coffee with the lovely Brooke and also got to get my haircut by my super cool mom-friend Erin on Saturday morning. It was really good to see both of them and just catch up on life. Not to mention my hair needed some SERIOUS attention. It is feeling so much better now! Thanks Erin!

I got to eat at the new and improved Pizza Inn which was really good! That place has so many memories for me so going back now that it has been reopened was a really great walk down memory lane. Also, it was PACKED so they are doing really well these first few opening weeks which is a really good sign for them sticking around. After Pizza Inn, we caught a quick Lime Ricky at Goodberries and headed to the airport to welcome the Haiti team back. It was good to hug their necks and hear about their trip. I’m so jealous I didn’t get to go this year. I missed it terribly. But it was good to hear that they had a great time and enjoyed their time there.

Easter Sunday was great as usual. Service was good and lunch was good. The only downside was the lack of Easter baskets. Apparently the Easter bunny doesn’t visit the Huffman house anymore. It was kind of sad. After 26 years of baskets, it came to a screeching hault this year. I guess now that the youngest Huffman is 20, we don’t get visted anymore. Maybe because the economy is down, he has to put a limit on it? Who knows. But it’s ok. I can go get my own Easter candy for 50% off today. Talk about a silver lining!

DISCLAIMER: If the Easter Bunny is reading this, I’m not trying to make him feel guilty. We are all having to make cut backs these days. So, I understand. Just wished I had had some warning before I went searching for my basket. That’s all. 🙂 I still love the Easter Bunny and am not expecting a basket next year, for the record!