I am so glad it’s Friday. I’m always glad it’s Friday but this week I am REALLY glad it’s Friday. I feel like I had it coming at me from all angles this week. Both professional and personal. I’m just ready to relax and enjoy a few days off. I’m even tempted to turn the BB off tomorrow and disconnect for 24 hours. Crazy, huh? I just need a day without a disaster.

I am kicking off my weekend with a girls night tonight! Woohoo!  We are starting off with a  trip to Polished to have a little pedicure action…

I’m thinking Fire Engine Red. Whatcha think?

Then we are heading to get some of this at Pisces, which was voted best sushi in Charlotte in 2010. We will see about that…

I have a new found love for this stuff. Looking forward to it!

Hope you  guys have a WONDERFUL weekend 🙂