It’s DIY time again! It’s official. I have become the weird neighbor in the  neighborhood who spray paints on Saturday mornings. With a small patio in the back, I have resorted to spray painting in the front to avoid having to move the patio furniture all the time. This makes me get lots of funny looks as people walk out their doors to walk their dogs. I’m ok with it though. It is what it is!

This project started with my trusty old coffee table. I bought this coffee table back in college and it has moved along with me to about 4 different apartments/houses. An upgrade was needed so Mert decided to visit IKEA one weekend when I was out of town and add  a nice big matching square coffee table to to bunch. Luckily she didn’t throw out my old one though.

 It has seen it’s fair share of water rings and scratches but it’s still in good shape!  I figured it would be a great little furniture project. It just so happened that our front porch looks like this…

Empty. Everyone around us had little tables and chairs and ours has been empty since the day we moved in. Since the table was still in good shape, rectangular, and a good size, I decided to go with a front porch bench. My first delimma was what to cover it in. I wanted it to be water proof yet comformtable. Didn’t want it to  looks like you were sitting on plastic.

While wandering through Target one day, I came accross this wipable table cloth in this cute pear pattern.

I loved the colors and thought it was the perfect fit for the cushion cover for my bench. The $4.99 price tag was also a HUGE selling point. There’s no way I’m going to find a better bench fabric for cheaper than that. It also gave me plenty of color inspiration for the rest of the bench.

Gold Abundance made it’s way to my home via Lowes Home Improvement Store. It was love at first site.

So, now I’m ready. Step one: sand down the legs so the pain will stick. Here’s my sand paper to prove I did the work.

Wipe down and spray the first layer of Spray paint. Let Dry.

Since the cushion is going on top, painting the top wasn’t necessary. But It was important that the legs got totally covered. In hind site, I think I would have invested in some spray primer since the wood was so dark. It may have made the yellow cover a lot quicker.

Here’s the table after a few more coats of yellow. It looks kind of splotchy here but it was still drying. Once dry, it didn’t look nearly as splotchy.

Next up was the cushion. I went with 2 foam squares and a bag of batting to fill in the rest of the seat.

I didn’t really have a plan for how this next part went. I just kind of went with it. And it seemed to work out ok! I used some wood glue to attach the foam pads to the center of the bench.

Then I used the batting to fill in around the edged. Not the prettiest project but it’s a homemade cushion!

I let the glue dry for about an hour and then I set out to cover my bench. I laid out the table cloth on the floor and then placed the bench where I wanted to cut the cloth making sure I had plenty of room to staple the cover down.

Then I broke out my new favorite toy. I think I’m going to name him Bart, The Staple Gun.

I pulled the cover tight and stapled a few staples down the line to keep it tight. One important thing to note is that you don’t want to make the cover TOO tight though because the corners of the bench could poke through when one goes to sit. So, just keep it tight enough to give the cushion structure but not tight enough to cause any tearing. Afterall, it is just a table cloth!

After some trimming, I flipped it over and was really happy with the results!

After this picture, I went back and did some more trimming.  It now sits on the front porch lonesome as can be. My plan is to find a chair and side table that I can paint ot match those lovely yellow legs. I have the can of paint and everything! I’m also planning to maybe make some matching cushions for the chair (whenever I find it) made of the rest of my table cloth.

I learned a lot from this DIY experience.  Here are a few of the tips I learned along the way.

1. The pray paint gun is a $2.49 investment worth making. My pointer finger is STILL sore almost 3 days later. I went out and purchased one promptly for my next endevour.

2. That canvas drop cloth was also a really great investment. I let it dry and then folded it up for my next project. $5 of pure reusability!

3. Spray primer is also a good investment for dark wood pieces. Hind site is 20 20.

4. It’s ok to be the crazy lady who spray paints at 9am on Saturday morning. My neighbors haven’t seen the last of me!