That crazy storm…caused our power to go out. Since our house is older, no power equals no water. Awesome. So no shower for me today. Just call me Pig-Pen. I probably have that cloud of dirt following me and I don’t even know it.

No shower equals no waking up…I’m so tired today! My shower is how I wake up every morning. So not having one is really throwing me off. Even my coffee isn’t helping. This is no bueno.

Babysitting more this week…3 nights of it to be exact. It makes for long days. But my little buddy needs me. And so does his mom. So, I’ll sacrifice a few nights.

My DIY bench is calling my name…this is the weekend. I’m tackling it head on. I have a few things to get in order to accomplish it but I think I can manage to accumulate it all by Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

Glad there wasn’t a tree on my car…a few of my neighbors were not that lucky. The mad winds caused some damage all over the Queen City last night.

My allergies are in full swing…hoping my Zyrtec helps today! I don’t usually have allergies for very long but when I have them, I have them bad!  Hoping to get some relief today.

Did I mention I want to go back to bed? Because that would be awesome.

Happy Tuesday…