Thats how long I have until I am headed southbound to a little city called Charleston, SC.  I love our little annual trip down for the Cooper River 10K. It’s so much fun! This year is going to be even more fun because we are making it into a 4 day weekend rather than our usual 3.  Which means, a whole extra day to enjoy the city, site see, and relax. It’s going to feel like a mini vacation. And who better to take a break with than good friends?

In between all the fun, there is the small matter of running across this bridge…

But no biggie!

It’s funny how my mindset is completely different this year than last year. I had made it a personal goal to run this thing last year and run it well. I was very determined and focused. This year, is completely opposite. I couldn’t be less focused, ha. I am more excited about the 4 days in Charleston and care very little about the run. I think thats ok though! As long as I’m doing it and having fun with friends, I think it’s ok. Plus I’m still having trouble getting my running mojo back ever since I ran the half marathon in Dec.

So, this time around it’s about the sites, the food, and the friends with a side of bridge thrown in on Saturday morning.

These next 3 days will be brutal though. Lots to do at work and also some babysitting before I can hit the road. Here we go!