I had a splendid dinner with Jenn & Jess last night. We ate and gabbed about absolutely everything. We ate at a new place in Southpark called Cowfish. Oh. My. Gosh. This place was awesome! They have sushi and burgers. Sounds strange but odly enough, it is seriously the best combination! Definitely going back.


I officially ordered a day planner. I know I should really get with the times and keep up with it on my phone but I just can’t. I’m one of those people who likes to use a pencil on a claendar and have pages to flip though. It’s just how I organize! I haven’t had one of these since college when I had papers and tests to keep up with. Now, my only excuse is that I’m just too busy and too forgetful to remember what’s on my desk calendar at work. But being busy is a good thing, right? And how sad is it that I won’t even get to fill out Jan & Feb? Bummer. Or March, for that matter! Geez!

Speaking of a lot going on, I haven’t really ever mentioned all my endevours on here before but incase some are wonderingl, I do some freelance marketing work and some babysitting on the side along with my 8-5 gig. Along with all of that madness, I have decided to help out a friend and do another small side job. This new job’s requirements are a lot of the same things I do at my 8-5 but in a totally different setting and for a much smaller opperation. I figure why not? I have the time and the knowledge and I’m always down to help out. It’s very flexible so I can work it around my schedule (thus the need for the planner) and it’s less than 15 minutes from my house, which in Charlotte means convenient. We will see how it goes!

More sprouts poked through overnight! I should have veggies in no time. I can’t wait to  put them in the big pots! Is it weird I that I am that excited about this?

I have a DIY that I’ve been DYING to get done but there is a threat of rain this weekend. So I’m not sure it’s going to happen. I’m hoping I will have it done within the next few weeks though. It is going to require that I invest in one of these bad boys. Can’t wait!

Exciting stuff! Have a great weekend bloggy peeps 🙂