So, I decided that this spring would be my attempt at a green thumb. There are so many pros towards planting things. I mean, you can grow your own veggies which I think is the bees knees, you can enjoy beautiful flowers which are just pretty to look at, and then there’s the relaxation part of it which supposedly lowers your blood pressure. So, why not, right?

I’m doing lots of online research, about what to plant my veggies in, when to germintate, and what time is the best to plant. Just this morning, I learned you should always plant right before the last frost. See, I had no idea! Which is April 11 by the way. So, if I germinate my little seedlings this weekend, that gives them about 3 weeks to spout before I put them in their planters before the last frost. Look at me using words like germinate…how strange.

So far, I’m planning on doing 3 different flowers and also 3 different veggies. I figure thats a pretty good jumping off point. I’ll keep you guys posted with pics as they sprout.

I’m also stalking watching Craiglist for the perfect metal plant stand that I can clean up, paint, and call my own. I’ve emailed about 2 possible ones with no luck so far. It’s out there somewhere though!

So, this weekend, I’ll be loading up on the potting soil, planters, and a waterning can. I’ve already got my seeds and some gloves…apparently gardening cloggs, aprons, and hats are necessary too? I did found this super cool apron…

And I know I’m growing things in pots on my patio, but aren’t these cute too?

You guys know me and leaves. I also found these which I like too!

Ok, and my love of birds.

Sidenote – Does anyone else like calling them wellies like our friends across the pond? I know we call them rain boots here in the US of A but I think wellies is so much more fun to say!

Any of you planning to make your garden grow this spring? Any tipes out there? Come one people, leave me some feedback!