BUT…after the biggest shock ever on The Bachelor last night, I couldn’t let it slide. Not sure how many of the 7 people who read this watch The Bachelor but I just had to give my 2 cents on this show and the outcome of Brad picking Emily.

First of all, I was never a huge fan of Brad. I mean come on. The last time he was on the show, he put 30 girls through the ringer to eventually decide to chose no body. How upsetting! I mean, we all know you have commitment issues and you have problems with knowing what you want but seriously? No body? You couldn’t even pick one of them and just DATE after the show? I mean, who says you had to propose?

But when I caught the first episode where the ladies file out and meet Brad one by one, Emily was always my favorite.

She lives in Charlotte and I loved her southern class and her sweet but shy personality. She wasn’t super outgoing or the big mouth of the house like most of the girls strive to be. But she had a quiet presence. And I think Brad saw that very early on.

Then when we heard her tragic story and learned about her daughter, I just loved her even more! She has been through so much and is such a strong person because of it. I just really felt like she was a genuine person. And how often does the Bachelor actually pick the one you want? Never. So, I decided to watch until she was sent home. Week after week, Brad kept chosing her to stay and I was liking them together more and more!

I loved that she didn’t lay her story on him right away. She guarded it and made him work for it. Smart girl. She also didn’t jump in the sack on the “Fantasy Suite” date which is to be commended. She actually accepted the room key but agreed to just spend time together and talk. What a smart girl.

So, in the end, I was expecting him to pick Chantel, the other last contestant with Emily. I mean, come on. He never picks who I think he should. So, why should this be different? I even thought maybe after their last conversation that things had been blown when Brad basically told her he was ready to be a father and she peppered him with questions about how it’s not going to be all fun. Which also, way to go Emily for keeping him on his toes! But he didn’t. He sent Chantel home in tears and proposed to Emily. And it was such a sweet proposal at that! It was still tough to see him say bye to Chantel. It’s never fun to see someone have their heart broken. But it was Emily all along. She was the one.

But really, my whole purpose of writing this post is to say that it is so refreshing to watch a season of  The Bachelor and see such a classy woman stand true to her character, be constantly reminded of the example she should set for her daughter, and protective over her heart. I think too often on this show, women leap right in not thinking about the fact that the heart is a fragile thing and in her case, it was her heart and her daughter’s heart. So, I just thought Emily was a great picture of how to be honest, set yourself apart, and be classy all the way.

I also loved that she was brutally honest during the After The Final Rose show. I mean, everyone doesn’t just ride off into the sunset and get married after going through a whirlwind like The Bachelor. They were honest about a recent break up, things not being so wonderful the past 4 months, and even the fact that Emily isn’t ready to move to Austin yet. But I keep saying: GOOD FOR HER. Who says she has to uproot her life just because he picked her? I mean, date a while, get to know each other, enjoy being engaged, sell your house, move your daughter there slowly making sure she knows everything that is going on. There’s no reason to rush into things. So double kudos to Emily for breaking The Bachelor mold.

So there’s my 2 cents. Any of you guys watch? What did you think of Brad’s choice?