Well, I’m officially wisdom-less. I made it through the 35 minute surgery, 4 days of eating mashed potatoes, and lots of pain meds. I’m still sporting my stitches but I’m back to work. So, I guess I’m back to normal. I’m not eating peanut brittle or anything any time soon but I’m at least able to work outside of the 4 main food groups I have abided by for 4 days: jello, fudgepops, mashed potatoes, and yogurt. My favorite part of having surgery? They perscribed that I eat one of these right after I woke up…

I totally abided by that perscription!

My other saving grace for the past few days has been this thing…

Me and this ice pack are BFF. No joke. So sorry I have no photos to prove this though. As I told my roommate who was the only person to see me when I was in full chipmunk form, I want NO EVIDENCE of these past 4 days.  Unless she snagged some shots while I was sleeping, I’m pretty sure I got away without one photo being taken. Other than my visit to Target to fill my perscriptions, which I don’t really remember, I’ve been homebound with very little interaction. Probably best since the size of my cheeks would have scared everyone.

So, for those of you who have been checking for the “Swollen Melanie” pics, sorry to disappoint!

I really did have smooth sailing when it comes to the past 4 days of healing progress. I guess I won’t really know till I go back for a post-op appointment on Thursday though. I’m crossing my fingers for a really great progress report because I’ve already planned where I want to go for my first hamburger.

In other news, I got so many sweet texts, tweets, phone calls, and even FLOWERS from my bestest of friends and family. So thank you SO SO much for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.

And a MAJOR shout out to Jess who had these beautiful tulips sent to my house Friday. They are gorgeous! The picture just doesn’t do them justice.

It’s good to be back to life and blogging. Missed you guys!