So, my long awaited bookshelves arrived Monday! I ordered them over a week ago and I’ve been stalking the FedEx tracking website for all 7 days they were in route. Yes, I am that person. Having things delivered to my house during the day while I’m at work makes me a nervous wreck! So, I stalked it all day till I saw it say “left on front porch”. I immediatly texted my roomie who has the luxury of going home daily for lunch, and informed her that the shelves should be there and to go ahead and drag them in. Well, she gets there and there are no shelves awaiting her arrival.

What the heck?! So I respond rather intellectually with “But the little purple bar reached “DELIVERED” today on the tracking website!” So, she looks around thinking maybe they delivered them to unit G in the building across the way which is what happened when I ordered my rug a few weeks back. Nope, no box in sight. So, she goes on a little treck around the complex only to find it 4 buildings down.

4. BUILDINGS. DOWN. SERIOUSLY, FEDEX? Not even close. Poor Mert had to drag the 60 lbs. box to our house because they can’t read the numbers on our buildings. Wow.

But anyways, I say all that to say I then came home and low and behold there is another box at the door. A small one. Could it be? My clock  I’ve been waiting for? IT IS!! I was so excited to get both of my orders in the same day. It truely is the small things like the accuracy of the delivery system we have in the USA for me to get excited. So, instead of throwing on my running gear and going for the run I was planning on, I opened all my boxes and set to work on 4 projects I’ve been waiting to do.

Project 1 is obviously, the bookshelves. Mert helped me and we put 1 of 2 bookshelves together successfully Monday and then the 2nd one last night. Yes (with a fist pump)!!

Here they are in all their ladder glory in the blank spot in our living room. I think they look rather nice!

And here they are after we added some of our trinkets, books, and pictures. We still have some sprucing up to do and some things to add but it’s a start!

1 project down, 3 to go!

So, my other big project has been the frame project I’ve been talking about for a while now. Well, I wanted to wait till the shelves were officially here and up before I did that project because I needed to see how much space on the wall I had to work with. So, while we put the shelves together, I took a break to do a little spray painting.

I decided to go with a dark purple for the frames. Although purple isn’t really a big color throughout the house, it is in the same color family as the colors in our rug and the colors already on the walls.

I found this color at Ace Hardware on Saturday and thought it was the perfect shade. Not too vibrant but not too dull. It also is a gloss which will give my frames a bit of a shine.

I covered the back patio with paper and went to work.

I was lucky enough to get these frames from my parent’s attic (hey mom & dad!) so they cost me zero denero.

Here is the final outcome! I painted my 50% off mirror from Garden Ridge a brushed silver a while back and its been hanging in the “dinning room” for a while now. I’m really digging how the purple looks on the toupe walls.

I hung them with pushpins so that if I wanted to shift them around and rearrange them, it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle and there wouldn’t be giant nail holes in the wall. Also, renting means I have to patch all those holes someday so pishpins sounded like a much better option. Its still kind of strange to walk downstairs and see them but it’s growing on me.

Project #3 is my clock. I found this little clock kit on Overstock for $7 and some change. Its simple, plane, and most importantly, paintable!

Needless to say I saw lots of potential and set out to make it work in our living room. Now, when it showed up at my door, it was in about 14 different pieces. It’s a clock KIT meaning you put it together on your own. Thus the $7 price tag. But how hard could it be?

There were no directions for the clock mechanism. So it was kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. While I tried to figure out how to get it to work, I set out to paint it coordinating colors with the frames and mirror. I painted the back circle brushed sliver and the front one my dusty purple. That way it gave me this effect…

Then I also painted the numbers brushed silver as well so they would pop on the purple. Here is the outcome…

And heres the final product after I finally got the clock mechanism to work.

In order to make it a little larger ont he wall, I added a frame.

I think the outcome was pretty good. Not bad for a $7 clock, right? And you could do so many cool color combos with it.

Now for my last 2 projects. I consider these half a project each as they are not complete DIYs or construction fo any kind. But rather a paint job and a couple push pins. Between the 2 of them, they equal one project, I guess.

My lovely roomie saw that I blogged about these a while back and she fell in love with them as well.

So, she went hunting for them at Target and came home with them one Saturday. We have yet to hang them because we have been debating on a spot but I think we have decided they would like quite good above the TV. So with a few push pins, there they hung. Our birds on a wire. Oh, and a little Mr. Shuster from Glee 🙂

And as for my last project, I found these guys in the $1 bins at Michaels while I was out “toodling around” on Saturday…

Pretty sweet right? I thought they would look great in my room as an extra place to hang purses and scarves. Not crazy about the white though. So what else other than some silver!

I’ll be hanging these in my room later on. But since I was painting, I figured I might as well go for it. I’m sure you will see them again in the near future!

So here’s our not-so-empty wall! Finally! It’s taken us a while to get really settled in this space but I’m really glad I took my time, did a few DIYs and really made it my own. I’m a pretty big fan of it.

More pictures to come. I would have gotten one from the other direction but there was styrophome everywhere and the coffee table was a mess. 

Thanks for sticking around the world’s longest blog post!

P.S. I might be MIA for the next few days. I have a date with the oral surgeon tomorrow. Yikes. Say a prayer!