You ever have one of those weekends where its just a series of wins and losses? I guess life is a huge series of them if you think about it. But my weekend just seemd to go from wins to losses rather quickly all weekend long.

Friday started off pretty good. Bog had to go get a shot at the vet so I drove him accorss town to my vet. Since moving, I haven’t found a new one yet so it was quite a drive. We were there for all of 10 minutes and then we jumped in the car to make the treck back accross town. After dropping him off at home, I headed to work. Decided to stop for some coffee and also to grab some donuts for the office. Everyone was in a good mood and it looked like it was going to be a great day. Until our meeting.

After the meeting, it went kind of downhill. It was one of those meetings where we had a meeting of the minds about some policies.  Without going into lots of detail, my tiny mistake lead to a giant mountain of issues. What bothered me most was I had a gut feeling about it all along and I didn’t listen to it. I wavered on something I shouldn’t have wavered on. And from that moment on, Friday was a bust.  First loss of the weekend. No major consequences, just a slap on the wrist and my wounded pride. But still not a good way to end the work week. Sigh.

It got better when I went to a friend’s for dinner and we had lots of laughs and good food. A little Key Lime Pie never hurts as well. It helped me forget all about it. First win of the weekend.

Saturday Bogart had another appointment. He was going to Dogtopia! Roomie Mert had won a raffle at a fundraiser for a $50 gift certificate  for any spa services and since Bog is basically her dog too, she was sweet enough to let him use it. Well it just so happened he desperatly needed a bath and nail trim soI booked an appointment for 10am Saturday. Not before a little hide and seek while I changed my sheets though…

Excuse me, have you seen my Pug? He’s gone missing…

While I waited on the pooch to get pampered, I decided to pick up some Starbucks and go do a little browsing in Michaels and Ace Hardware. I love “toodling around”, as I like to call it, on Saturday mornings. It’s so relaxing to me. I scooped up a few things from the dollar section at Michaels (more on that tomorrow) , a new  paint color for my frame project, and also some things for my attempt at a green thumb this spring such as gloves and some seeds at Ace. So this was a big win! I can’t wait to get planting!!

After about an hour, I went to pick up the pug only to discover they had trimmed one of his nails too short and hit the quick causing him to bleed. Great. Not only was he bleeding, he was completely stressed out. Panting, eyes darting…I mean you would have thought I had dropped him off at the pound by the way he was acting when I picked him up. Other than the complimentary De-Shed treatment she did, the bath and the nail trim seemed to do more harm than good. Loss in my book.

So, we went home with our tails between our legs and decided to use the rest of our gift certificate on another day. In the far far away future. Once we got home, keeping him still long enough to stop the bleeding was not a simple task. Poor guy. It finally stopped bleeding and he was able to take a nap and get over his traumatic morning.

Saturday afternoon, the plan was to go see a UNCC Baseball game. Well once the clouds rolled in, we decided to take a pass on it and avoid sitting in the damp seats. So, loss on the afternoon plans. Another part of my Saturday plan was to go check out a restaurant called Kennedy’s Pub which I had a gift certificate to as well. We had a pretty big party of 9 going and we were going to eat some dinner and watch the Duke vs. Carolina game. Well, that didn’t happen due to Kennedy’s celebrating their 6 month anniversary and taking reservations only. So we went to Jackelope Jacks and ended up sitting on the porch with no tv near by. It was kinda crowded and our waitress wasn’t really on point so it was somewhat of a loss as well. Then when you count the Duke loss to Carolina, the night really became a fail. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Sunday was going to be my DIY day. I had lots of painting to do which required being outside. With the rainy forecast, I took a pass on the paiting and ended up just watching movies, doing laundry, and some cleaning. A loss on the DIY front but a win on the clean house front!

My new bookshelves got delivered today and I’m still waiting on my clock to show up. So, hopefully tonight, I will be able to at least put the shelves together and then get going on some other things! Maybe even some painting if the weather holds out long enough for it to dry. I’m itching to try out my new paint color on my frames! Fingers crossed for a win today.

How was your weekend? Major win or major loss?