Valentines. The day of love. The day of overpriced candy and flowers and pink and red greeting cards. The day of eating in crowded restaurants that you spent half the morning getting a reservation at. The day all florists love and dread all at the same time. The day of homemade mix CDs and homemade coupon books which include “1 free back message” and “1 free make out session”. The day of saying  those three little words and getting a kiss (if you’re lucky).

I’ve never really been a big fan of Valentines Day. As a whole. I mean, if you love someone, why should you need an over commercialized day to tell them so? I realize that sounds bitter but it honestly is not coming from a bitter place at all. It just seems like Valentines is a way to commercialize something that shouldn’t be.

People tell me all the time that some day “when I find the right person” (which by the way, NEVER tell your single friends this!), I will change my mind. Hate to tell you guys, seriously doubt that. It’s just not my thing. This on the other hand sounds AWESOME…

I imagine it’s a lot like the Anti-Valentines party in the movie Valentines Day. With the heart pinata and all. I may just have to throw one next year.

Well, no matter who you love or don’t love or even if your Valentine this year is your sweet puppy dog who will ALWAYS be happy to see you and be affectionate to you no matter what day it is, I wish everyone a pink-filled day with lots of heart shaped boxes of chocolate, fuzzy teddy bears, and corny one liners. Especially the chocolate part.

What? I never said I was against chocolate. Now, thats just plain nuts.