There is something I have always wanted to collect. With moving as much as I have since college, I haven’t had the space for a collection. But with the new place, I feel like I can purchase my guilty obsession and display it proudly.

For years, I have loved to look through used book stores, consignment, and Goodwill for books. But not just any books. Old books that have been loved, written in, and inscribed. I love books that tell two stories: the story written with he words and the stroy behind who gave the book and what they had to say when they gave it. I love books that were given as  a gift and have inscriptions on the inside cover wishing them a happy birthday, congratulations on a graduation, or wishes of many years of wedded bliss. I love finding books that once meant a lot to someone at an important time in their life.

In a way it’s sad that these books that were meant to serve such an important purpose and have made it to these second hand places. But, to me, it just means they have moved on to new people who can get out of them what they were meant for.

But something I do believe in is if you display a book, you need to have read it. So, guess what I’m doing for the next few days?

Found these 4 books to start my collection at Goodwill for $1.39 each.

What do you like to collect?