So, as the new house begins to feel like home, there are a few DIY’s I have on my list. So, far they are all doable. But finding time is going to be my only problem. I’m hoping to accomplish one per month. Here’s my plan…

1. The Quatrefoil Mirror – this weekend, for sure! I’m planning on taping off and painting this mirror a lovely shade of brushed silver. It will be on the wall by Sunday. Mark my words!

2. No-Sew Tie-Up Curtians – possibly by March. I want to pick out a new comfortor or duvet for my room before I do this one. With 2 short windows in my room which let in A LOT of light, I need some easy black-out curtians that will also pull the room together.  I think some tie-up shades will work just fine!

3. Coffee Table Turned Bench – by April. My coffee table is just worn down. It needs either a face lift or a repurposed place. So once there is a replacement,  a repurpose it will get! It’s the perfect size for a bench and I think it would be great to use as extra seating when we have guests over. I found this lovely DIY that I think will be genious!

4. Side Table Rehab – by May. My little side table which holds my lamp, is a little too short when it comes to the sectional sofa. So, I’m considering adding a little height to it and adding some padding and a faux leather much like the bench to create the illusion that it’s taller than it really is. More brainstorming to be done on this one…

5. Artwork for Above Bed – by June. Something needs to go on that wall but I’m just not sure what yet. So, until then, I’ll just gather ideas. I’m leaning towards a collage of photos in frames and some DIY canvas pieces. Plenty of time to brainstorm this one.

What’s on your DIY Wishlist?