Loving that I’m wearing my $3 J Crew Kids Ballarina Flats for the first time today! I had totally forgotten about them. Pay no mind to the stark white feet . They need sun. Badly.

Loving this DIY on how to turn a coffee table into a bench. I’m planning on doing this with my coffee table once I have found a replacement. Instant extra seating!

I’m also loving the idea of doing some DIY no-sew curtains for my room! So far these tie-up curtians are my favorite.

Loving Australia! I officially want to visit there! I caught some of Oprah’s visit there and I couldn’t get over how beautiful of a place it is!! I’ve always wanted to visit but now it is official! I will go!!

Loving having dinner guests over so much lately!! Tonight I’m having Jennifer and Jessica over to see the new place and to get their advice on some decor questions. On the menu: Meatloaf, Oven Roasted Potatoes, and Garlic Spinich. And a surprise dessert. Can’t wait!

Happy Wednesday All!