Yesterday, I laced up my running shoes for the first time since the half marathon on Dec. 11. After giving myself a full month to recover, I figured it was time. I thought I’d just go after work, run a mile or 2, do some weights and head home for dinner. No big deal.

Oh. My. Gosh. That first mile felt like an eternity. I was sweating like crazy, breathing hard…it just wasn’t right! I decided to stop at one mile since I was obviously going to need to ease back into this whole running thing. I did some weight machines until my arms were sore and then called it a day.

I admit that getting back into running is going to be harder than I thoguth it would be originally. Apparently, it can be tough to get into the swing of things. Even if you have concured something as big as a half marathon, sometimes that first time lacing up those shoes and commiting to a mile run can seem like a giant mountain. But stick with it! I think of it as the 2 week “I hate this” period. For some reason,the beginning of that 3rd week, you just have a whole different outlook on running. It gets better. I promise!

So, today I got back to that gym and commit to running that mile again. Is it going to be fun? Probably not. But when you have a love/hate relationship with running like I do, you don’t really expect it to be fun. You expect the worst and hope for the best.